About me :)

Hey there!

Pleased to meet ya!! Welcome to Arthur n Martha, a spot where I can let my confusion imagination run wild :)

I'm a butcher, baker and candlestick maker... (not really...I can't bake and lit candles make me nervous... I'm also scared of treadmills, in case you were going to ask...).  I love crafting, DIY and looking for the more natural side of life!

I fell for a handsome, bearded man in 2009, and after a whirlwind romance, we got hitched surrounded by our nearest and dearest...

Blessed with this Awesome baby boy groover in May, 2011....Let me tell ya, this kid has Rhythm!! (He didn't get that from me)

 And in December 2012, our mile-a-minute baby boy joined the crew!  He has an abundance of dimples and he's not afraid to use them...#wrappedaroundhisfinger

And now we're not so patiently waiting for baby #3 to make her appearance, August, 2015!  I can't wait to meet her!! (I even bought pink stuff...and love it!)

Some Random facts About me...

#  I'm a Registered Nurse turned SAHM
I Love writing 'To-Do' lists.  Completing them, not so much
#  I've run two half marathons (slowly) and one mud run (even more slowly)
#  I want to be a kitchen goddess, but I'm just too lazy busy to follow recipes
My jeans are my wardrobe go to...Don't mess with my jeans.
#  Me and my instant coffee are like pea's and carrots...just another of my obsessions that shouldn't be messed with...
#  I can hold entire conversations in 'movie-quote-language'
#  I love gardening, reading, knitting, Pinteresting, bush walking, the sea and family selfies
#  Eagerly awaiting the day when we can live off our own bit of land and bring the kids up with muddy feet, fishing poles and nights around an open fire :D

So please, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and have a read of some of my most favourite moments in life :)

 Thanks for stopping by!!

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