Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Preparing for Baby - My essentials!!

I love lists!!  Creating them, researching them...(completing them is a wee bit debatable though.)
Lucky for me, getting ready for baby requires multiple lists!!  Nursery planning, Essential items, hospital bag must-haves, clothing selection, just for fun items...!!  The list goes on (Much to my delight!!)

I love reading about what other people are using/coveting for their wee ones (or themselves) and thought that I'd add my two-cents worth!

Aside from the basics of nappies/wipes, here's my list of 'Essentials' that I like to have on hand for New Born Preparedness! (Not in any particular order)

1.  Front pack/Carrier
I know that a baby carrier isn't always considered an essential, but when you have a refluxy baby that doesn't like sleeping without momma near, it becomes exactly that.  When refluxy baby #2 arrives, and you don't want to leave them in a bouncer at the mercy of their big brother while you make breakfast, it once again becomes essential.  When baby #3 arrives, you can be sure we're gunna have that front pack ready and waiting!!

Favourite here!  

2.  Boob Cream
Because sometimes breastfeeding chafes!  Lansinoh has had a place on my nursing nightstand since I was given a wee sample 4 and a half years a go ... added bonus...it's not restricted to a boob cream.  During winter it was the perfect lip balm for babies dry chapped lips, and it put a protective barrier under babies nose for when the winter boogers started flowing (I'm not gunna lie, it also went under my nose and was a skin saver!)

Favourite here!

3.   Swaddles
 The friends I have that didn't swaddle their babes, are few and far between!  It just makes sense, and for me and mine, it seems to encourage a better sleep for baby (and so everyone else too).  We usually just use a cotton swaddle blanket and a fancy wrap technique that my sister taught me, but my Houdini children eventually learnt to escape.  This time round I'll be giving these two a go! (Wish me luck!!)

Favourites here and here!

4.   Hair Dryer
Don't think me odd, but this should really be # 1 !!  My boys were pretty happy having baths, not so much getting dressed.  Enter my Amazing midwife with the best snippet of advice I've ever received... Blow Dry your baby!!  Yup, not only is it warm on their skin (just don't hold it too close) it dries all those hard to get reach creases and rolls, and the white noise of the dryer is soothing to your lil' poppet! (Also good for babies with lots of hair!) Win win situation really!

Favourite here!

5.   Nappy Disposal Unit
We didn't get one of these until we had a toddler and a preschooler in nappies, but we got there in the end, and haven't looked back since!!  Previously, even when we were bagging the dirty nappies and taking them out to the main bin, there was still an odour...now, nothing!  Especially priceless over the long hot summer with God-Awful flies EVERYWHERE!!

Favourite here!

 6.   Nursing singlets
 I couldn't imagine not owning a stash of these while nursing!  Breast feeding becomes a lot easier and comfier when I know that my stomach and lower back can remain covered, even if I'm not wearing a proper nursing top!  When it's hot, the singlet's all you need, when it's cold you can layer up but still have reasonably easy access!

Favourite here!

7.   Butt Cream
Does anyone not own this??  We've been through a considerable amount of trial and error with lotions and potions, and finally settled on Ana's Baby Balm.  First off, because it works, and it works fast.  Second, because it's not just limited to bums (I love a good multi-tasking ointment).  And as a bonus, it's a natural product! Another Win Win!!

Favourite here!

8.   Baby Bath and Support
We've always found it easier to have a small baby bath around the house, and this time round it's an essential for us.  Winter baby + No heating in the bathroom = nothing good or fun.  With a baby bath we can follow the warmth and keep baby comfortable while she bathes.  The support? Not essential, but flippen amazing if you're trying to hold your baby up in the bath, use a flannel and also stop the other kids from dropping the fresh clothes/baby wash into the bath water :)

Favourite here!

9.   Baby Socks
I really love me some terry baby socks!!  Not so essential for summer babes, but in the winter, i found baby socks to be infinitely more effective than baby booties!  They fit perfectly as an under layer, and with a onsie over top, they become exceptionally difficult for your little one to wriggle off!  They also double as mittens when your wee poppet has talons and you can't find her gloves!

Favourites here!

And that's that!!  Did I miss much? What were some essentials you couldn't do without??
... Now I think I'll go and start my 'Non-essential, but oh-so-cute' list!!
Stay tuned!

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