Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Fisher-Boys

Ahhh, fishing!  I have such fond memories ... casting my line out, the smell of fish bait sitting in the sun, losing a multitude of sinkers in the rocky shores of the Coromandel ... The wee tugs on the end of my fishing line, the excitement of landing my first Snapper, finding crabs and seaweed instead of the hoped for fish, seeing the Gurnard I caught earlier in the day becoming dinner ... It stands to reason that I married a man who shares my enthusiasm for the joy that is fishing ... and that our children would be educated in the ways of the fisherman ...

I confess, we were by far more excited about this than the boys were .... until they saw their very own fishing rods, and then it was all on!! Although the weather wasn't the greatest we toddled off to the closest stretch of salt water ... Raglan!

And on a teeny concrete pier (call it what you will) my boys got to 'help' their dad ready the lines with hooks and sinkers, before plopping them into the water below!!

With an enthusiasm that would make all the grandparents proud, the boys proceeded to reel in their lines so that we could cast them out again .... and again ...

and again ... and with the occasional mention of jelly-fish (Curse you Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for an unrealistic view of fishing) they were cast out again!

Eventually the wind picked up a bit too much and lines began to tangle faster than we could fix them, so it was time to call it a day for the fisher men!

And so it was over to the playground and beach for a run around and the best burgers I have Ever tasted at the camping grounds! (Except for Fergburger ...they shall always have my stomachs heart)

There may also have been ice-blocks and selfies!!  And some funny faces too! (And did anyone notice that I finally finished one of the snoods I was knitting!!??)

And yeah ...we fed the birds some leftover chippies.  These birds were seriously talented, and would swoop and catch the chippies before they hit the ground!!  The boys thought it was Awesome ... although I possibly found it even more hilarious than they did!
(I promise the gull wasn't swooping for Olly!)

A mid-flight chippie catch!

(Excuse the blurred pics, I asked them to slow down a bit, but birds will be birds!)
And then I started to get paranoid about getting pooped on, so it was off to find some puddles ... and some dry clothes ...

And the playground too ...

Then it was time to take our sleepy lads home!

My boys!!  They did so well with their new fishing rods, and had so much fun splashing through puddles and chasing the seagulls!!  And for me and my bearded man, it was a brilliant escape from day to day life, where we could give the boys a peek into one of our favourite past times!

Here's to more Adventures!!

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