Sunday, 14 June 2015

DIY Kids Photo Books :)

I know right!! I did some DIY!  I'm exceeding my expectations!!

My boys LOVE looking at photos (Especially if they're in them) but we don't actually own any photo albums!  (Everything's on our laptops, it's sad, I know...we really need to work on least a wedding album would be good)  So yesterday I set about selecting some photo's of the boys doing different activities with different family members and then we went off to print photos and get supplies!

My original 'supplies' were going to be a couple of small photo albums with room to write about who was in each pic, but then I read yet another awesome post about mums crafting with their kids and thought stuff it, lets find something the boys can add their own personal touch to!!

Well, after 3 hours of searching and only finding 2 DIY albums (that weren't quite designed for small children) I gave up and decided to get crafty!

Some card, some ring thing-imys and a hole punch and Hey Presto...

We have ourselves an album!!!
A bit plain, but with some scrap booking paper, some puffy letters and a whole load of photos...

 They were coming to life!! 

 I made one for each of the boys, with their own photos to look at and decorate.... I think they were a little bit awesome... and so did the boys :)

 Then came the decorating!!  Letters, shapes, coloured card, corrugated card, stickers, glitter, stars, rock guitar stickers, fluffy balls (of which the cat stole most) and Googly eyes!! (I was most excited about the googly eyes!)

I should also mention the scissors and copious amounts of glue!  We had a few issues with scissors...apparently if your left handed you have to buy left handed scissors...3 lefties at one craft table...4 pairs of right handed scissors...seriously, I didn't even know you had to buy hand specific scissors!!

 Confession time...the boys had a blast for about half and hour with gluing and stickers before they started wandering off to play cars...and just maybe me and the hubster continued to play with the decorating stuff....there were A LOT of googly eyes...and now there are not...

 And there you have it!  2 kids photo books, made with love by all of us, with room to add more with each activity/photo opportunity!!  We had a visitor shortly after we packed away and both boys showed off their books with all of their pictures and crafts!  I really wish we'd done this sooner, but better late than never!!

On a quick side note, going through all the pictures of the boys also turned out to be a great time to talk about baby sisters arrival in a couple of months, showing them pictures from when they were teeny little babies, just out of mummy's tummy!!
I think they're getting the idea! :)

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