Thursday, 4 June 2015

Arthur n Martha :)

'Don't know if I'm Arthur or Martha' : To be in a state of confusion

Well this is me.  Constantly.  I've never been the most decisive of people, but now, with the help of the internet and social media my mind is in a constant state of 'What the Heck??'
With so much information on anything and everything available at the touch of a button my poor, addled brain struggles to keep a firm grasp on it's own sense of self (That's not at all as deep as it sounded).

On any given day my parenting goes from 'attachment' to 'why are these strange children following me?'.  My eating ranges from organic paleo, to eat all the pies/burgers/kebabs.  Beauty swings from loving myself unconditionally, to googling the latest make up tricks and 'lose weight fast' fad (but being too lazy to act on it anyway).

Heck, you should see me trying to decide what to have for dinner on any given night! (and nope, pregnancy doesn't help one bit!)

And since my blog is supposed to be a reflection of who I am, and because I always love a bit of a bloggy makeover, Welcome to Arthur n Martha ... a tale of ... well, anything really!!! ... Jk, it's still going to be about my fam-damily and our wee adventures, with the occasional burnt meal thrown in here and there! There will also be Pinterest....a whole tonne of Pinterest...cause that's where I do my best planning and daydreaming...I'm so hugely jealous of my Pinterest wardrobe!

Every day I'm Arthur or Martha...Most days I'm both :)

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