Monday, 13 April 2015

Baby 3 - Halfway :)

After looking at all the bump pics I took with both of my boys, I've started to feel a wee bit (or a whole lot) embarrassed by the complete lack of pics/updates/or even mentions of baby number 3!

And so here I am, 21 weeks and 2 days...trying to remember what to write about!....Aaaaand I'm coming up pretty blank! 

So for a brief mid point update...

Baby girl is looking healthy and happy and growing like a dandelion!  We're feeling  pretty awesomely blessed with this wee poppet, and her brothers are slowly warming to the idea that there will be another addition to the household!

This week my goal is to find some energy that isn't spent wrangling my boys, and use it to brush my hair and take a bump pic! (although I could save us all the hassle and just mention here that I'm huge)

So I shall be back, I promise, with an improved update and a pic or two....probably just one though!

'Til then..

Renee  :)


  1. Those booties are adorable! I'm so excited that you are having a girl!

  2. Again, I'm so happy for you. Hope you start feeling better soon. Hugs.