Saturday, 22 November 2014

This Other Kid!

Odge-podge, Olly-pop, Ham...
Fav' words..."My Don't Want!" Followed by a pout and folded arms
A chatter-box on the phone
Waves to everyone...and will continue to wave till someone waves back
Social Butterfly
Snuggle bug....

Early bird...Sometimes ridiculously early
Chuggingtons fanatic
Lover of anything his brother has
Lover of any food anyone else is trying to eat...mums always looks best
Inherited most of the clumsy genes on offer, doesn't let that deter him
Melter of mummy's heart, and also good at securing a spot as Favourite, with his chubby lil' cheeks! (Of course i can have two favourites!!)

Awesomeness runs in this family!!

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Renee  :)

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