Friday, 14 November 2014

This Kid....

The other day, my sweet Lachy saw one of our wedding pics.

"Whose that mummy??"
"That's mummy and daddy, buddy"
"*gasp* mummy you bootiful princess!!"

Someone knows how to get the highly coveted 'favorite child' spot!!!
And an extra cookie may have been swung his way at snack time...

Honestly, who could resist this face...

Not me clearly...

His fav' things lately include
 -His prized 'smoke jumper' toys
-'Crumpy Dancer'....Took us a wee while to interpret that into Dusty Crophopper
-Home made chicken nuggets
-His trusty ole Thomas the Tank Engine gumboots
-Pumpkin Bars
-Exploring along walks..we have an extensive collection of flora and fauna (or twigs and bugs) in the pushchair...should probably clean that soon...
-Hose fights with daddy
and TRUCKS....still...

So very blessed to be mama to this lil snazzy pants!!

Stay tuned for next week and 'This other kid'!!

Renee  :)


  1. So cute, little boys totally know how to work their mums :-) I have 3 of the little rascals :-)

    1. They really do!! I love the little area you've made for your boys!! I currently have my Hubby thinking of frame ideas!lol