Thursday, 6 November 2014

Oh how they grow..

Today i walked home from kindy with two little lads in tow.  And when i say two little lads in tow, what i mean is that one was racing ahead yelling "nine...eweven...fiffffeeeeen" as loud as he could and  the other was marching next to me singing an alphabet song....

Ummmm, where the heck did my babies go!?

These kids.... they play cars, build towers, actually Watch movies (or at least the first half hour), eat whole meals with proper utensils, play with friends, question everything...

They try on new imaginary occupations...builder, truck driver, fireman, 'mommy', truck driver, stuntman, did i mention truck driver?

They play actual games like 'drag mums washing off the line and use it for a cape', mini golf, 'T' ball.  They go down slides alone, can work an i-pad better than me, play catch (may also catch better than me)...

They make choices without any input from me, like what they want to wear, and how they want to do things, what they want to eat... They solve their own problems too.  They sing songs and mimic their favorite cartoon characters..

They also disagree, and sometimes talk back, and have fights with each other.... real fights, with pushing and hitting, yelling and 'telling'.

They can open and raid the pantry/freezer/lower half of the fridge.  They ignore me and their daddy.  They push their boundaries on an hourly basis.

They give hugs and kisses on their own terms.  They say 'I love you' and 'I'm sorry' of their own accord.  Play together.  Take care of each other.

They are also still very much my 'babies', which translates into 'I shall continue to smother them in cuddles and snuggles until they're strong enough to escape my arms!' and even then i'll still try to catch them when they're hanging out with their mates....just for the embarrassment factor....I'm good like that ;)

Renee  :)

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