Saturday, 15 November 2014

Friday Things...on Saturday..

I used to love doing link ups, but finding things to blog about on topic just got a bit too much like hard work! (Lazy much)  Now, i have found a niche!!

Write about 5 Anythings??  Well hey!  Don't mind if i do!!

1.  Market Day tomorrow!!! (Otherwise known as 'A day to Myself'!)  jk..  I actually miss my two lil' stinkers when I'm away from them!
I've been selling at markets for almost 2 years now, and I love it!! I've made so many friends that are more than happy to hunker down and talk crafty, and the atmosphere is always just Amazing!!  (Except for that time last winter when we were too busy trying to stop our stalls from blowing away....that wasn't amazing)

2.  Rosehip Oil!!  Loving my Trilogy Rosehip oil!!  Not it's intended use, but this stuff is AMAZING on cuts/scratches/sanding injuries etc!  I used this on my hands and fingers where I accidentally sanded them with my dremel (sanding tiny beads is not for the faint hearted) After about 3 days, the cuts were all but healed!  Seriously awesome stuff!!  I do also use it on my face, much the same way as I would Evoo in the oil cleansing method, and it really does leave my skin feeling lovely, but it probably wont be replacing my Evoo any time soon!

3.  Rainy Days!! Without which my garden would have died a sad and dry death, due to me forgetting I have a you do.   We kept it simple this year, to minimise the amount of aphid-fighting time required.  So far we've lost all 6 of our lettuce seedlings to snails, and one spinach plant went for a drive on Lachys dump truck, but hey, No Aphids yet!!  Has anyone tried broken egg shell as a way to deter snails and slugs??  That's next on our list to protect the next lot of lettuce!

 4.  Animal Print!!  When people talk animal print 'Cow Design' probably isn't really what they're thinking, but for us here in our lil' slice of the Waikato it's spot on!!  Because anyone can be an upholsterer these days I thought I'd jazz up our old kitchen chairs...LOVE the result!!  I'll definitely never be inducted into the upholsterers Hall of Fame, but from a short distance they look awesome and match our home well!  (Thinking I should've vacuumed before I took this photo...welcome to reality!!)

5.   Family Fun!!!  It really is the little things!  Yesterday I discovered the 'selfie' button on my phone...Chaos followed as the boys (big and little) and I fought to fit into the wee screen, we bring true meaning to 'Squish' photo!!

 So that's my 5 things for the day (yesterday for us, but it still works!!)

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Renee  :)


  1. Love the selfie!! We have some classic selfies, they're probably my favourite photos, always silly faces and fun :-)

    1. They're awesome aren't they! Now that i've discovered the 'selfie' button there will probably be an overload!