Friday, 21 November 2014


A simple home, with a porch made for sipping coffee, watching the sun rise over the mountains.
The great outdoors for a backyard with trees to climb, streams to build dams in, rivers to fish in.
Gardens for miles, with enough fresh produce for my family and extra for anyone who needs it or wants it.

An open fire to gather around on a chilly night, to play, to sing, or just relax with a book.
A cow, sheep, chickens and of course a family pup...maybe a cat or two.
Meals made from scratch, a kitchen wafting smells of herbs and fresh made bread.
Fruit trees for all seasons.

Bird calls in the morning, cricket songs at night.
Kids playing and hollering battle calls during the day.
Lessons in life and nature.
Family rambles, nights in tents and sleeping bags.
Writing letters and posting them.  Developing photos and making books to send too.

Neighbours that are close by, and also close.
Impromptu gatherings, sleep overs, picnics, music and games.
Time. To relax and just be.  To spend with the important things in life.
Dreaming...but also living life now, with purpose, and loving each and every moment, inching slowly towards that dream.


Renee  :)


  1. Sounds ideal. We can neighbors ... I'll live across the road :)

  2. Yes please. Can I be your neighbor too?

    1. Absolutely! Bring that gorgeous pup with you though!

  3. I'm with ya, I would LOVE to live in the mountains :) Instead, I live in the largest city in Canada lol

    1. Lol! Isn't that the way?! We're in a city in NZ that isn't too big, but still not my favorite place to be! But Alaska sounds Amazing! (I've been stalking your blog!) We'd love to be able to travel there!