Friday, 3 October 2014

Why yes, I Always Bake....

I truly do!! 
If you recall in my last post, i boldly stated that i would attempt to cook something different....

Anzac Cookies....


Bread from Scratch...

....(ok, so it was more crunch on the outside soft, but it's the inside that counts!!)

Also attempted were Oatmeal cookies (with choc chips), Chicken nuggets and Pizza from scratch..Nailed it, Nailed it....and Nailed it a little in, we changed the name to thin base pizzas...totally edible!!

So yeah, I'm feeling pretty successful right now #insert smug look here#

Also, One book consumed!!  Seriously, Gone may just be the craziest book I've read in a while....actually it may just be the only book I've read in a while.  The ending is not one i saw coming, but then i didn't really see any of the twists coming!  Awesome Read!!

Bring on the movie!!

And then there's these two...

This photo was taken about 3 minutes before we discovered Lachys developed an allergy to fluffy dogs!! 

Pics of this dude are getting harder and harder to get!!  Or at least ones that he's not blurred, or yelling "No pictures Mummy!!"

This lil guy, not so much...this is one of the few photos i was able to snap before he came racing up to put his face right in the lens...blurred snotty nose anyone?

My two Hams!!!  I had to hunt these pics down and add them in!!  How Awesome are these chaps??!!

 Oh right, about that housework that needed doing....So, uh, after searching for further evidence supporting the theory that housework is bad for ones health, and coming up empty handed, i have decided that further research is necessary...and uhhh...blah blah blah, business business numbers (Is this working??)

Renee  :)

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