Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Kid Cave...

Sometimes when i get up in the morning i seriously have to stop and question whether our house has been ransacked overnight....And then i think, with the amount of toys spread 'strategically' around the floor, we'd be facing a law suit from the intruder for injuries obtained on the job.

You see, our house isn't a home, so much as a Kid Cave (Like a 'Man Cave' but considerably more dangerous) Toys really are intentionally placed all around the house in an attempt to bring the adults to their knees (occasionally to clean, but mostly in the agony only a Lego block can inflict).  Once the adult is down, they become objects of play, a jungle gym of sorts, and fair-game for anyone under 3 foot tall.

Washing that hasn't been put away will be spread far and wide, or used as dress ups for the other toys.  It pays to have your underwear folded and put away immediately to avoid having them handed to your next visitor to play with.

Plastics cupboard unlocked?  You can kiss those matching Tupperware sets goodbye.  Unused ice trays will serve their purpose as snail stalls, and any container large enough to fit on a head, can and will become a construction hat/bike helmet/fireman's hard hat....or a shoe.

Sometimes in my deluded state i will consider cleaning, but then i think about the hours of imagination and creative thought that my boys have put into their day.  The Lego towers built and demolished by a two-man construction team in their 'hard hats'.  The railway station that runs smoothly around the house, under the watchful eyes of two little conductors.  The tunnels dug through the laundry in search of the 'treasure' hidden in the couch cushions. Even the minutes spent exploring a new bug/spider that's been fortunate enough to find a crumb to eat, counting its legs, setting it 'free' into the garden (whole or in bits, depends which child grabbed it).

 For now, the mess can stay.
(Burglars beware)

Renee  :)

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