Tuesday, 23 July 2013


As in 'A-whole-new-house' changes!! Yup, we moved...again...(friends and family are quietly shaking their heads in disbelief).  Due to unforseen circumstances (like a pool for a backyard, and an indoor pool for a shed) we are now back in town!

We're slowly getting everything into a homely state, and for the first time today i started to feel a bit like i was home!  We spent the day in our little courtyard, planting, preparing soil, cutting out nasty vines etc, while my sister showed us how to weld a pair of pruning shares and gave the front yard a make over!

I'm  in considerable pain now, but it was worth it!!  Since we left our magical cottage with the amazing magical garden i've been in a bit of a funk (Or insane depression, you know, one of the two!)!  I've missed the amazing gardens we had, the fruit trees, the veges, the half eaten marigolds!  The space Lachy had to run free in!  Even the praying mantis and other crispy critters that lived in our magical lil' place!
Today, we started rebuilding that magical place, and you know...i think it's going to be Amazing!

In other news, Hubby starts a new job soon, i have surgery (hopefully soon) for my dud wrists, Lachy is 26 months and speeding along, Olly is 7 months (nearly 8) and fitting into his brothers clothes as soon as his brothers out of them, Maow-Maow is approx' 7 months also, and still a slightly psychotic weirdo cat....He fits in well :)  (and i kid you not, this cat Loves water!  He will lay down and play under the watering can as you try to water the vege!)

I'll be showing off some garden pics as soon as we're done, and updating my kidlet stats soon, but for now i will just show off my awesome boys!!

Baby toes...nuf' said

Monkey and his partner in crime! They're the cutest pair when monkeys not in torture mode!



The perils of only having 'reverse'!

Brotherly Love!

'You beep like This!'

Moving in for some snuggles....

...and a tooth examination...?

Those eyes....No wonder he gets away with so much!!

Num num ginger nuts!!

Love those faces!  They make me smile even when we're all tired and grumpy and sick and sick of moving too!!

Proper update on my poppets coming very soon!!

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. Ooo i do love a good baby toe picture :) Congrats on the move..hope your little garden is all set for exploring soon!

    1. Haha, they're just so squidgy and cute! The garden is getting there, would probably be done if not for a little garden elf that keeps taking my planted flowers for rides in his truck!(roots 'n all!)

  2. Replies
    1. They are!! And so darn curious too! Love reading what Riley has been up to and thinking to myself, that sounds just like Lachy!

  3. Another move?!! Ack! Hope you find some magic in your new place:)

    1. I know!! I've given my sister permission to take me out with a moving truck if i ever try to move again!

  4. What gorgeous little boys you have! Look forward to see your new garden :)

  5. Good luck getting settled in! Beautiful pictures.