Sunday, 5 May 2013

Penny Scallan - My first Review and Giveaway!

I've tried to think of an awesome way to write my first review, you know, make it funny and witty and blah blah blah.  Instead i'm gunna just give you the facts! 

First off, i have to say...Cover it in trucks and cars?  You're already monkeys lifelong friend!!  Make it practical and easy to clean?  You're already my lifelong friend!!
Enter my latest discovery in kids gears!

Penny Scallan Design

The goodies i sampled....

The Hat

 Aside from winning monkey over with the trucks and cars, it shades his face/ears/neck, and stays put when he runs/climbs/falls/wrestles because of the nicely weighted fabric and toggle....and he just looks damn cute in it!!!  For those days that Monkey's not in a 'Hat-mood' (most days) that toggle comes in awful handy!!

The Drink Bottle

Ha!! Love it!  Monkey tried squishing it to empty the contents on the floor.  Sorry kiddo, Stainless Steel!! Also has a spill proof lid that's replaceable!! Awesome!!

The Clipboard!!

Why did i never think of this one!?  I mean, i thought of colouring in when he got bored in the car (He LOVES colouring), but i just thought, nah, his car seat doesn't have a tray, and i'm not crafty enough to make one that would withstand the force that is monkey!  Lachy thinks his clip board is pretty darn Awesome!!  And when he gets bored colouring, he just shreds paper! (What's a bit of mess when you get a quiet car ride!)
This is a genius idea!!

The Backpack Lunchbox!!

What can i say, this one has won me over completely!  Thermal lined (and covered in scratch resistant PVC) to keep monkeys lunch fresh and cool (Even the drink bottle pocket!), REALLY easy to keep clean, and Velcro access, so it's easy for Mr Independent Monkey to get into without any help from a grown-up!! (My little boys getting so big!) It has straps to carry as a backpack, or a carry-bag.  And, well, monkey just looks so cute on his way to playgroup (or anywhere else he thinks he needs to go) with his lunch bag on his back!!  (Would like to add that i also throw in an extra nappy/wipes/pants, and they fit nicely with his lunch!)

And (Yay!!) i get to give one of these Awesome Backpacks away!!

That's right, my very first giveaway!!  Penny Scallan is giving one of my readers the chance to have their very own Backpack Lunchbox (For your kid...of course....) All you need to do is leave a wee note in the comments section of this post saying what gorgeous design you would choose and you're in to win!! (Open to every one, anywhere in the world!)  This competition closes on Sunday, 12th of May at 10pm (NZ time please!) so make sure you get your comments (one each!) on board!!
I'll be announcing the winner Monday evening!!

Go check out Penny Scallan Design while you wait!! You won't be disappointed!!

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. I like the Big City design :)

    Also, great review :) I like that your writing is easy to read, I am off to have a look at the hats especially! :)

  2. This is pretty cool Renee. How did you get into doing reviews?
    I would choose the pink backpack with the birds and trees on it. Cause its flippen cute!

  3. Great giveaway! It would have to be the Big City design for us. I love Penny Scallan Designs, lasts forever!

  4. I would choose the pink backpack with the birds and trees on it. So cute! How have i not heard of this stuff before?!

  5. ooh I love the way you wrote the review, I hate contrived stuff and this was not that! I would pick the birdie backpack but only because I can't actually decide (they're all so cute!) and Rob constantly accuses me of dressing Violet like a boy so I think that would be the one he would pick ;)

  6. I love the chirpy bird design, great giveaway :)

  7. This stuff is adorable!! Seeing as i have boys i'd have to say the one you got is the cutest; Trucks? Cars? yes please! Great giveaway : )

  8. ooooooh PICK MEEEEE!
    I like the star one...of course :)