Friday, 10 May 2013

Life lately

Honestly, so full on right now!!  Stress levels are pretty high at the moment, but in  a totally good way!  Blogging has taken a back seat as i try to keep up with visitors from afar, sickness, Hubbys birthday, Lachys birthday (coming up), tantrums, feeding our animals, collecting eggs, playgroups, new friends, welcoming our newest addition, crafting, setting up a dream, attempting to be athletic once again, preparing to start a diploma via distance learning, dodging raindrops, giving up dodging raindrops and dancing in the storm!  Not to mention doing my first give away!! (Don't forget to enter that one!  Closes on Sunday 10pm, open to all who leave a comment!)
It's been an awesome month so far!!

My young Artist.  All crayons have actually been taken away now, due to Lachy eating them... He tries to eat the felts too, but they obviously don't taste as good, so he just carries on drawing.  Such a handsome laddy!!

 This is the bulk of my life for the moment, one child desperately gnawing on my thumb, while the other child desperately tries to simultaneously throw a tanty, watch telly and sit on my knee.  It's pretty awesome when i manage to balance them both without getting an elbow or booger to the face!!

Monkey, herding our chickadees!! They're not his biggest fan...Don't seem to like me much either unless i have food...

Fresh eggs!!

  In their lil house.  The added bonus to having these little ladies is that we now have a 'disposal unit' for our juice pulp!!

This face is making itself known every day now....

As is this one.  Makes the day more interesting for sure....  Especially since his fav' trick is to lay down and not move.  I'm not the hugest fan of this on rainy days. Good thing he's so darn cute!!

This little tubby is practising sitting up, and horizontal running and lifting himself up into plank position!  What a machine!!  (5 month post is on its way....late...again)

My child totally takes selfies!

 If i can do this with his hair then it's DEFINITELY time for a cut!!

Meet Scratt, our part Polydactyl kitten.  No extra toes, just a little mane!!  Such a laid back cat (unless in play mode)  Monkey just LOVES squishing him with love!!

Loving that dimple!!

The constant state of my lounge!  I think it gives Lachy a challenge, it encourages climbing, search and rescue, hide and seek, and Surprises galore!! (Week old apple core under the couch any one??)

Just hanging out with his new found friend!!  This kitten actually follows Monkey around even after he's been squished!  It thinks he's just the bee's knees really, and from the amount of 'Hugs' Lachy gives i'd say he def' feels the same way!

The Diploma awaits!!

So that's a bit of what i've been up to and where i'm hiding!!  I'll be back early next week (as in Monday) to announce the winner of my give away!! (Exciting stuff for me!!)  Hope everyone else is gearing up for an Awesome weekend too!!

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. You probably don't think so but the tangy face is seriously cute! My lounge looks very similar but I only have one baby who can't even move yet... oops!

    1. Oops, that's supposed to say tanty not tangy :)

  2. Full on! i'm exhausted just reading about it! don't forget to look after your self :)

  3. cute little boys! and the cat is cute too.