Thursday, 23 May 2013

2 Years Old!!!! :)

Yup!!  I have no words cause my kid is just Awesomeness all over!!  Enjoy my photo-dump from our lil' family day!!

We are so truly, amazingly Blessed to have You!!
Love you Little Monkey!! 

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. Happy Birthday to him! i love his cake and it looks like it was a great time! :)

  2. too cute. He looks so much like you. I loved his new bike and no training wheels? wow.

  3. Aww, happy birthday sweet baby!!! Love the pictures.

  4. Those bikes are amazing I hear! We're getting our 4 yr old one next month.... here's to hoping it helps the boys learn to ride their bikes with no training wheels :) Happy Bday to your lil man!