Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Moving on up!

*To begin, i hope everyone's doing well! Our thoughts and prayers to anyone and everyone affected by the  bombings in Boston!!*

What a week!!  Actually a week n a bit, but who's really counting!  We're all but unpacked into our new place and aside from tripping over boxes every 5 seconds it's just AWESOME!!  It's soooo quiet!!  We have sheep on 2 sides (and some trees),  and quiet neighbours on 1 side and that's it!! The road we're on is off the main road, so traffic is barely a ripple on my radar (although i did hear a tractor today)!  Now i get to listen to these two all day!!

Love those cheeky lil eye's as he grabs his brothers hair!!

 The yard is smaller than the last place, but i've accepted the awesomeness that was the back yard in the previous Magical Cottage, and that we'll probably never find it again, and i've come to peace with that fact now!  What we do have is a veranda on one side and a small deck on the other with a smaller yard wrapping around, so i'm good :)  I also LOVE having an open plan living area, and bedrooms that aren't right across from the lounge!!

(Why oh why is Hubby watching Amish Mafia??)

In other AMAZING news....The Magical Dish Washing Appliance that i had been so desperate to obtain, fell onto my Trade Me watchlist, and then into my home!!!   Welcome 'Nemo',  i'm so very pleased you've come to join us on our new adventures in the new Magical Cottage!!!! 

Welcome, oh noble Dish Washing Appliance!!

So for the last week we've pretty much been trying to get sorted, get our winter gardens (on a smaller scale) sorted, and unpack everything.  We're only failing on the unpacking part so far so that's good!....Except that we forgot to ask when rubbish day was, missed it, and now have 4 rubbish bags waiting for Thursday!!  

My poor Kale was annihilated by these green suckers! :(

 So now that i'm back, and raring to go, brace yourself for a few new projects that i want to make regular, and for a few old ones to resurface (the ACV experiments Will begin again!!)!

Oooo, did i mention we were getting 2 Magical Chickens (From my generous sisters brood) to come and lay some Golden eggs for us!?  Cause we are!!  They can bunk down with Brian and Ryan (the Cottage guinea pigs steeds) in the coup, if they get along that is!!  Yay for fresh eggs!!

Lachy enjoying the sunshine with his 'Truh'

And if anyone's noticed the wee Shopping cart in the top left of my blog screen, well that will hopefully be a reality by the start of May!!  So flippen excited!!!

And so now i need to go and face the remaining boxes in our lounge, so that Lachy stops trying to climb them and pull stuff out!!


Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. Sounds like an amazing place, cannot wait to see more pictures! And I love how Lachy always has a 5-o'clock dirt shadow haha, he is such a handsome little man!

    1. It is so amazing!! Naww, yeah his dirt stubble let's him get away with more than it should!lol

  2. awesome. so happy YOU are happy ... and fresh eggs? I would love to experience eating fresh eggs at some point in my life.

    1. Thank you Grace!! I hope you guys are all on the mend now!! Fresh eggs are awesome, but a bit weird when you get the 'double-yolkers'!!

  3. Precious photo of the babies!! Chickens are awesome to have. Not only do they give eggs, but they keep a lot of the insects away!