Saturday, 20 April 2013

4 and 23 Months! Shared aging and all :)

Things have been so hectic round these parts that i completely missed posting about my babies growing into my boys!!  So i'm joining them up today and they can share a post this month! (It certainly wont be the last thing they'll have to share!)

Olly-pop  4 Months  :) 

#  Let the solids begin!!  I was pretty keen to start giving you some solids in the hope that it might ease your reflux. Don't know where i got that idea, it certainly didn't work very well, but you LOVE your sloppy food!! (Especially the apple!)

#  Loving your wee dimple as you laugh at us and flash your cheekiest grins!

#  Since we were expecting you to follow in your brothers footsteps, and roll from front to back first, you decided to go against the grain and roll from your back to your front, and in just a matter of moments you became a pro at it!!

#  Your shuffling around the play mat is also getting pretty nifty! (Even when you face plant cause your head gets too heavy!)

# So curious and cute with all the expressions as you take in your surroundings!! 

# Love that you look like you can hug your big brother back now, even if you are just pulling his hair!! (It's still adorable!!)

Monkey-bum  23 Months :)
#  I'm pretty sure that your name is in the dictionary for the meaning of Mischief, Climber, Musician, Mud-pie maker (and eater), and cuteness all over!!

#  There is going to be a post on tantrums, and how sometimes ears are painted on.  And that's all i'll say about that...for now.

#  Talking.  So much talking!  We take your dummy off you most days now, and your vocabulary has just exploded!! Sometimes you even surprise me and string a couple of words together!  ('Ball-gone' followed by the cutest concerned expression) You've also started licking everything...I wont be worried just yet.

# You love on your little brother like there was no tomorrow!!  You fetch his dummy, and even put it in his mouth the right way most of the time now.  You feed him his bottle if i'm stupid enough to leave the leftover where you can see and reach it (i know, ewww).  You bounce him in his bouncer, and go running into his room to hold his hand if you hear him crying in his cot....and sometimes when he's sleeping too!!  You melt my heart!!

#  You're still a Truck/Train/Car fanatic, but last week you also started 'strumming' on everything! (You say 'brung-brung-brung' for your guitar sounds)  Today we found you a cheap little plastic guitar at the $2 shop, and on the way home you strummed it and sang me a song! ("mum-mum-mum-mum-mum-Truh")

#  I love that you're still young enough for me to dress whatever i can find sometimes.

Dear boys.  You Rock Awesomely.  Me and Daddy are so Proud!!

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. What a sweet post, and beautiful boys! I already can't wait to have a buddy for Fletch... so much fun! x