Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Evil Troll...

Once upon a time there was a Family that lived in a Magical Cottage!!  In that cottage there was laughter and song, the gardens provided food and room for adventure, and everyone was happy (even though the magical cottage had no magical dish washing appliance)!! 

One day an Evil Little Troll came to the cottage and started to cause trouble.  The Family were angry, and consulted with the Village Guards, but this angered the Evil Little Troll even more, and he started to damage the pretty things around the magical cottage and light fires, making the Family fearful!!  Due to the Evil Little Troll being a minor, there was no knight in all the land that was able to stop him!!

And so one day, the Family said 'Enough!', and the search for another Magical Cottage began!!  The search will be frustrating and tiring, but soon the Family will have a Magical Cottage that will once again be filled with laughter and song, and parents that can sleep at night, and children that sleep well and wake up ready for adventure!!! (and maybe even a magical dish washing appliance!)

To be continued....

*This story is based on real events.  Names have been changed because i don't want to deal with even more crap, should the Evil Little Troll be related to anyone that reads this*

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. Stink. Hope ya get stuff sorted asap. Freakin trolls!

  2. I actually loved the story. Kept me interested and wanting to hear more. Hope you guys find a house that's comfortable and of course with a dishwasher. Take care.