Sunday, 10 March 2013

How to deal with a bad day...

Today was one of those days. 
I spent the bulk of my afternoon cursing Hubby's evening shifts, stopping my toddler from climbing on the bath/drawers/cupboards/furniture/windows/tables/fireplace mantles (who knew he could get up there huh!?) and also dealing with the aftermath of tears when i didn't get to him fast enough and he fell from the above objects.  All this whilst balancing one unhappy, spilly, screaming baby that didn't want to be put down.  (This is on minimal sleep for 2 of us)
 By 7.30 we were all in tears, and desperate for sleep.

I bet you're wondering what i did to get through my evening??... (actually, a lot of you are probably saying 'that's nothing, you should hear about my day')  Honestly, i didn't deal with it at all.  I have no idea how to deal with it!!  With one kid was bad enough, i'm not sure where the delusional thought that i could handle two came from!!

So now, it's 9pm, and there's finally silence.  Except for the sound of Jim Croce and me crunching down an entire box of dark chocolate covered scorched almonds.  Yup, i'm eating my emotions, and they're tasting damn good right now!!

Nom nom nom...

Now that i'm able to collect my thoughts i'm trying desperately to think of ways to get through evenings like this with happy kids and a couple of brain cells left over, and i'm not coming up with a lot (obviously i was not left with any brain cells tonight).  Is there a trick that i don't know about?  A magic word? (A magic sleep medicine??)  I have the strange inkling that there is no magic suggestion, and sometimes all you can do is hang in there till it's bed time... Would that be right??

For now i'm going to just survey the damage that is my home...the washing (that started out clean and folded and ended up...well, not), the dirty dishes, leftover dinner, the toys everywhere, the bathtub that looks like a pea and carrot pie exploded in it...exhale, and continue to munch through this tasty box of therapy.

And in case your day's been a fair crapper too, have a random song to make everything better!

Sleep well folks!

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. At least you accompanied the almonds with water ;)

    When my hubby was working out of town for 24 days at a time my life goal was to make it to bedtime. For weeks at a time that was my only thought. Bedtime. And that was with just Ella. I can't imagine it with two!

    So probably there isn't any magic to make it!

    I hope your Monday was better!

  2. I think we've all had these days at one point or another. I think you're doing great.

    Just recently and I mean just this year I've found what helps me deal with stressful/overwhelming days is reading my woman's devotional books. I tend to write down verses/words that stand out to me. I know it's working because I tend to have more patience and also having a relationship with Him has helped a great deal.