Thursday, 7 March 2013

DIY Nursing pads!!

Yup, i'm pretty budget nifty when i want to be!!  Sick of paying exorbitant amounts for disposable nursing pads only to find that you're allergic to the plastic in them??  Sick of paying for fabric reusable nursing pads that lose their absorbancy after (or during) one feed??


After a wee bit of Googling, however, the basics for making your own Nursing pads started coming out of the wood-work!

I would need....

# A sewing machine
# Polar fleece
#  Flannel
#  Another 'inner' fabric
#  Scissors
# Something round and booby-sized

My hot chocolate lid and flannel

To start, i found an old flannel blanket that was never used, an old towel, and some polar fleece!  And a hot chocolate lid that i thought might fit...

Did i mention that it was a cute kids flannel blanket?! Bonus pics!

 I cut 2 flannel rounds, 1 towel round and 1 polar fleece round.

I even got a fabric marker for the occasion!!  I'm that Flash!

The stacks :)

I tried to make sure that there would be a bit of overhang in the polar fleece rounds so that even if the flannel and towel fabric got soaked, the overhanging fleece could still 'repel' the damp from going through to your clothing. (It seems to have worked)

Yes, i cut matching pictures for each pair of boob-pads!!

Some stitched up pads :)

I put 1 flannel, 1 towel, 1 flannel together (in that order) and sewed them together using a straight stitch, then used a zig zag stitch around the outside (i don't have an over-locker).  Then i put a piece of the polar fleece under the flannel bit, and sewed that on using the same 2 stitches.

The finished project :)  Success!!

If you're feeling a bit fancy you can contour your boob-pads by cutting a slight wedge out of them, and stitching the two parts back together.  (Make sure they're joined properly or the pads will leak through the gaps)  Being the non-sew gal that i am, i just whipped over them again and again with a zig zag stitch, and that seems to have done the trick!!

So there you have it!  I'm now the proud owner of 5 pairs of home made nursing-pads that actually do work!!  I'm a bit of a legend cow, so knowing that i'm not going to leak in public is pretty huge for me (I did test them at home before i wore them out in public!!).  For the record, i do soak the pads, but it's only gotten through the polar fleece part twice, and both times was when my supply was trying to keep up with my growing boy!

Another thing i'd like to point out, these things are comfy, and are fitted enough that they don't leave funny lumps and bumps showing through my shirts!!

Let me know if you've found a different, nifty way to make these, i'm keen to see some different techniques!  And let me know if you try to make any, i'd love to see how anyone else has gotten on with them!! 
Thanks everyone that thinks up/figures out these things and puts them on line for the rest of the world to benefit! You folk are fantastic!!

*These pads were not my own design, i found the style and instructions on line on Heaps of different sights, however i was unable to re-find the specific blog that i first saw them on! :( *

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. wow. you're super cool. I would love to learn how to sew but first I need to buy a sewing machine, lol. I really want one. Hopefully I'll get one in the near future.

    (oh by the way, I answered your question about the magic eraser. it's under your comment on my post)

  2. That's awesome! Well done! yay for zero "booby leaks" now! hehe.