Friday, 8 March 2013

3 Months old!! :)

My little chub is getting BIG!  Looking so much like his big brother these days, between the two of them i'm just the proudest mama ever!!

 Still on breast milk alone, Ollys weight is 6.3kg ( and 63cm long).  In 2 more weeks we will be starting him on a little baby cereal, i'm kinda hopeful that it will make an impression on his (mild) reflex so that we can stop the Omezol and Gaviscon!  He Loves watching us eat, occasionally looking like a little Labrador pup with a lot of drool!

He sleeps so well most nights, often doing a 7 hour stretch before a 3am feed, and then a 3 hour stretch! (Sometimes he decides he should wake every hour, but you get that sometimes!)

The Bumbo and Exersaucer are my new best friends (so long as i can keep Lachy from trying to climb in them too), Olly just adores having a new view of the world!!

 He's a real chatterbox (especially in the morning) and will 'talk' to his Daddy for ever in the morning with the hugest smiles!!  He's started doing a little laugh/chuckle too, which is just the most delicious sound!! (Aren't baby-laughs wonderful!)

Baths still aren't fun, but this evening i sat him up after he was clean, so he could sit next to his brother and he was pretty happy sitting there!! (Yay!!) Lachy thought it was great fun too, and was busy pointing at Ollys bellybutton, then his own, just amazed that they both had one!

Olly's pretty tolerant of Lachys rambunctious style of love, but we keep a pretty close eye on the two of them anyway, so he's pretty safe (It's amazing how fast Lachy can move though!) He loves watching Lachy running and jumping around the lounge! I can't wait til they can run and jump together!! (Please guide me back to this post when they're doing just that and are uncontrollable!)

So that's my wee chunka! Doing well, stealing our hearts and making us complete!!

We love you Olly-pop!!

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'


  1. He's gorgeous! Is Olly short for Oliver or just Olly? Oliver (being shortened to Olly) was on our list for boys but we just know so many already. Still love the name though :)

  2. SO cute!!! Wish I could have mastered breastfeeding but I couldn't or didn't.