Sunday, 31 March 2013

22 Months!! :)

What a little BOY i have!!  It's just ALL about the Trucks/Trains/Planes/Cars and playing in Dirt!!  Getting grubby and climbing are this wee lads forte, and he does it well!  I often find him on the table/window sill/in the bath/on the backs of the furniture!  You name it, he's there!!

His truck driving Uncle gave him some truck magazines and this kid 'reads' them Non-Stop!!!  He shows us all the pictures saying "Truh, truh!" or occasionally "Truck"

Very rough and tumble!  Sometimes to the point of a growling for hurting.  He's learning...slowly!  He loves running around the house and is usually shrieking and yelling "go go goooo" as he runs!  He's also come to expect Horsey-Rides from anyone that happens to crouch down near enough for him to jump on.  Occasionally he'll just hang out on your back....

Loves being Outdoors the best, especially at his Aunties farm, surrounded by chickens and ducks and Ride-on-Tractors!! (and the goat/sheep/cows/dogs/50 million cats...or 4)

Did i mention that he's never without a Machine of some kind?  Or at least has one nearby at all times...

Except for this pic....

Oh, there it is!!

And here's some more!!

Doesn't like being told 'No'.  Especially when he can see a truck on the road that he's sure needs his attention!!

Lachy's getting so Independant it's scary!!  I think i'm half clinging to his jealousy because it makes him stay near me instead of disappearing off and doing his own thing!! (Is that bad??)

Best thing this month??  How gentle and loving he's been with his brother!!  From getting his dummy to giving him proper hugs and random kisses, to 'holding' him (i help a bit, as you do) to helping to wash him during their bathtime!! (In between admiring his bellybutton!)  He's just been the Best Big Brother Ever!! 

And so this is the Cuteness i focus on when Lachys being a 'Terrible Toddler', throwing his food around, spitting his water out and biting me (He's still got 2 eye teeth coming in...Stupid teeth), and then i calm down a wee least til the next tanty anyway!!

Love you Monkey-bum!!! 
(and i promise i'l get ya a hair cut soon!!)

(Please excuse any spelling errors, i'm tired and my spell check seems to be on strike!!)

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'

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