Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I have learnt....

Some of the things i'm slowly learning about life with a toddler and a baby!!

Feeling the Love...

#  Having both children sleeping simultaneously is a rarity.  Pays to just get used to it and enjoy the one-on-one time you'll get to have with each kid!

#  What they will synchronize is their bowel habits so that your always guaranteed a double shit-storm at any given time. 

#  Caffeine is your friend. 

#Both children will always need their mum at the same time.  (Please note that a toddlers idea of 'needing mum' is usually very different to your own!)(and no daddy wont do!!)

#  You wont be going to the toilet on your own again for quite some time.  When you do you'll probably miss the company.

#  Your oldest child wont always hate your youngest, and when he changes his mind you'll seriously wish he hadn't.  Bear hugs and kisses from a toddler are often more dangerous than a jealous tantrum!

#   Your toddler is the worlds best imitator of the babies crying.  He will use it when he wants attention.

#  Bribery is a completely acceptable tool to get compliance from your toddler when your stuck with your baby!  In fact, you'll soon learn to keep a basket of bribes on hand at all times.  Raisins, lollies, new toys...whatever works to give you 5 minutes to deal with baby number 2.

#  Bribery can also make your toddler the Best handy helper ever!!

#  People with twins deserve medals.  Triplets - a Noble Peace Prize.  Any more than that...a stay in a Nut house.

#  You panicked when your first child put odd stuff in his mouth/up his nose/in his ears.  Now you get to panic when he puts them in your 2nd babies mouth/nose/ears! On the other hand, it didn't hurt your first kid, so number 2's probably good too.

#  Other mums will always look like they have it all together.  They don't. Nobody does.

#  Being related wont make your babies the same, so don't expect it.  Right from the word go, they have their own personalities and little foibles that are going to stump you and have you putting the medical center/parent center/NASA back on speed dial!!

#  There is absolutely no need to worry about your already full heart, your love will definitely double, and eventually you'll get the hang of those 2 kiddies and soon wonder why you ever thought it was difficult (at least until they're in their teens)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. This post is perfect, I was nodding my head in agreement the whole way through!

  2. Oh my gosh I love this post!! You totally hit the nail on the head with everything you said!! I'm right there with you :)