Sunday, 3 February 2013

Experiment 626 - Week 1 Complete!

So....  It would appear i developed a social life and didn't actually get round to posting this on Friday like i was sure i would!! Who knew!!

Any who!!

I was gunna make a long detailed post about how good things take time, and how i'm still tweaking the potion i'm using (it's a work in progress) and how i'm still gunna stick with it.  Then we took some week 1 pics, which again required a bit of a cringe on my part, and then i put one next to the start pic.  (Please note, i haven't chosen the best looking pic of myself to post, i've chosen the clearest)

Again, the only photo shopping is cropping :)


I spent the next little while trying to find the logic in the changes, like being in a different room, morning light as opposed to afternoon sun (We just tried to find the best light), or Hubby doing a bit of photo tweaking while i wasn't looking (I didn't actually leave the pics in his care, mind...not that he would anyway) 

Hubby thinks it's hilarious that i didn't notice the differences in my skin, i'm shocked!!  I knew my skin was softer but i've become so focused on the Melasma (that's a whole other post) that i didn't stop to think about the reality of it, which is this -  The melasma has become much more obvious as my complexion has become clearer and brighter.  Do i sound deluded?? Cause i feel it!!

Since i started this experiment i've had exactly 4 small pimples, 2 of which were already forming on my chin.  (I mention these because breaking out was my number 1 fear)  These pimples were gone within 4 days!  4 Days People!!!!

So, for week 1

Softer and Smoother skin   - Check!!
#  Brighter complexion   - Check!!
#  Reduction in pimples   - Well, i haven't had any since those first 4....we'll see how the next week goes!
#  One happy grease monkey??  - Check!!!

Although i can't really go by the title of 'Grease monkey' any more, cause my complexion is no longer oily!!!  That's right, in fact if anything it's a bit too dry!!  (I'd like to add that this time of year with the heat and humidity my skin is usually at it's worst with grease and pimples.  To have no oil slick and no pimples (just scarring on my chin, which i want to address in another post too!) is Freakin' Amazing!!  I have to put on moisturizer every morning to help with the dryness and that's it.  I'll be tweaking my recipe again tonight to 3 portions of Evoo and 1 CO and omitting the GO completely, as i think that could be whats making my skin so dry.

To be honest, changing the mix is no biggy, as the oils are so flippen cheap compared to all the other products i was buying! 

On a side note, after a bit more research i will be adding in a simple scrub of Evvo and Sugar maybe twice a week (if i remember) just to give my skin a bit of a rev up.  We'll see how that goes though.

Stay tuned for week 2 of Experiment 626!!

Also keep an eye out for Experiment ACV, which i'll be starting in the next week or so!! ;)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

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