Friday, 22 February 2013

Experiment 626 - The End!

Yup, it is done!!  
I have completed 1 whole month of slathering my face in oil with the hopes of achieving a smooth, soft, clear, oil-free complexion!!  Did i achieve these things???

Smooth skin?? CHECK!  
Soft skin??  CHECK!
Clear skin??  Kinda CHECK!
Oil-free Complexion??  Enormous CHECK!!!
Pimples??  Barely a one!!  The one that i did get cleared up in about 2 days!!
Reduction of lines??  Well, not that i noticed :(  
Overall, does my skin look better?? YUP!!  Definitely!  It's never been healthier and nicer looking (well, since i was about 1 anyway!) and i do notice a wee 'glow'!!  Aside from working the kinks out and getting my potion right (3 parts Evoo to 1 part CO to cleanse, and straight Evoo to moisturize overnight) my skin has taken to this experiment like a donut to my thighs!!
The Downsides??
Lets start this with the obvious terror i felt about an imminent outbreak of spots....Unfounded (Yaaay!).  I had a few pimples coming up before i started, but they were gone in about 2 days! I think i got 1 pimple the whole experiment, and it cleared in a couple of days!
Mess factor??  Well, its not as simple as lathering in the shower, but it's not much harder.  Just slather it on, massage it in (in the shower if you so wish) steam it with a flannel, then wipe off! Easy!  Unless you drop it, that makes things considerably messier...i only did this once the odd time though!

The only other down side i can think of is if your going away over night.  It's not the easiest to cart round with you (i like to pack excessively light), and you've gotta warn your hosts that the swamp monster heading to the loo over night is harmless!

So, that's about it!  Now what??
Well, i'm so in love with this cleanse that i've given away/thrown out my collection of washes and scrubs and toners etc.  I will be continuing with my Oil Cleanse as a part of my daily routine from now on!! (I think i was sold after week 2 to be honest!!)

To anyone else wanting to try this, DO IT!!  It's just fantastic!! (although i have to add that i have pretty hardy skin, and no idea how sensitive skin might react to it! Maybe a spot test to start if your worried though!)

And now that this is done, tomorrow begins my next experiment....

Experiment ACV!!

See ya tomorrow!!

Renee  :)

'Not all who wander are lost'