Monday, 18 February 2013


Yup, my blog will be changing Again over the next couple of days!!  Hopefully it all goes smoothly and i don't break anything, but let's face it, Hubby will probably be doing most of it anyway, with me being a self appointed supervisor! (My most coveted job!)

The reason for the change??  I found the 'Shoes that Fit', and i want my blog to reflect that!  So bare with me as i nip and tuck away at things, and in a day or so All Shall be Revealed!! (Dum dum duuuuuum!!!)

Thanks for hanging in there with me :)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. Can't wait to see the new look blog :) Have fun making the changes!

  2. Very sweet blog and how exciting to see the changes you have in store. Good luck xx