Tuesday, 26 February 2013

21 months old!! :)

Once again i find myself about to update my growing baby toddler.  And i have to say, time finally seems to be slowing down a smidgen for us....Possibly because the terrible twos are approaching and Lachy senses this, and has commenced tanty training??
I don't know, but i'm thankful that he still (for the moment anyway) is a fairly easy going little chap!! (Did i just jinx myself??)

My boy is an acrobat, jumping on furniture, toys, the folded washing pile and any person that sits still for too long!  He has also found the bonus of the foot stool, and carries it around with him in case he sees something he 'needs' that's out of his reach....clever, but flippen' annoying!!

He's become a master at finding and removing all the vege's from his dinners, and although i'm slowly mastering the 'hidden vege' approach, it's not all that successful!  I swear this kid has a sensor on his tongue for all vegetables, that repels as soon as it senses one!

I was gunna write about his vocabulary development (he's getting so good with his animal sounds now, but his favorite word 'Truck' has taken over his brain for now and that's all we hear! (Sometimes it's 'go-go-go truck' and sometimes 'choo-choo truck)

Imitation is the name of the game now, with mini-me copying everything, from rocking his 'baby' (aka - anything small enough for him to pick up) to putting things in the rubbish (yay!)!!  Trying so hard to be careful in all we say and do now!

This wee chap loves his brother, and gives lotsa kisses and choke holds hugs!!  He's also started sharing his toys with Olly (or Olly's his new hiding place so no one takes the toys off him, take it as you will)  When Olly cries, Lachy's usually the first one to get to him and he'll often try to put his dummy back in for him (mostly up his nose) or rock the bouncer til we get there.  On the odd scary day he'll try to pick him up when we're not paying attention, thank goodness Olly's too heavy!!

And last but not least, due to constant rashes from cloth diapers in the heat (and possibly all the sand he eats), monkeys now in a low-grade attempt at potty training.  I made him some training knickers out of some teeny lil undies and some chopped up inners from our cloth naps and he runs around in those for most the day!!  He loves it!!  The knickers absorb exactly one wee, after which Lachy comes to me to show me his wet knickers!  He's still not too keen on the toilet and he hasn't actually gone on it yet, but he knows when he's wet, 9 times out of 10 he 'tell's' me he's done poos, and he'll happily go to the toilet to wipe his bottom and change his knickers!(Yay!)

So that's my boy!!  Hopefully the tanty training stays at just that...training, cause i'm not ready for the full force that could be my sweet child!!

Love you Monkey bum!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. so cute! potty training already? that's great. i haven't even thought of potty training yet. my 2 year old still wakes up with a very wet diaper. he's not ready yet.

    1. Yeah, it's pretty laid back training, and he's still in a proper nap over night! At the end of the day if he starts resisting it, i'm def' not going to push, he'll get there if and when he's ready! He does love the knickers though! :)

  2. aw! he seems like such a sweet big brother! i'm really trying to figure out how to hide veggies as well! i was able to do it once with green beans when he was eating off my plate (i hid it under my fish haha). we haven't gone full force yet potty training but we are soon. i'm nervous. he also lets us know when he has went, but i'm always like "you are supposed to tell us before!" :)

    1. I've discovered that Lachy prefers to steal whatever we're eating or drinking too, so we put spinach and such in our smoothies now, so he's getting a little bit! I've ordered some Kale plants too, which we can plant and then add once they arrive!

  3. Loved reading about your lil man/men, you're so honest and very entertaining! It's adorable how much Lachy adores his little brother. We have not long conquered the toilet training challenge. We didn't push our eldest girl either and it only took a few days in the end- she was well and truly ready. She is also quite a fussy eater too, payback for when I was little and apparently used to hide sausages behind the microwave- at least she doesn't do that! :)

  4. He is seriously the sweetest little guy! I just love all the pictures you have posted of him! If I were his mother I wouldn't be able to put him down, I would just want to squeeze him and cuddle him all the time! haha!