Thursday, 7 February 2013

2 Months old!! :)

Yup, my little fatty (compared to his big brother at least) is 2 months old!!  Where the heck is the time going!!???

Mastering his 'look' for the ladies!

#  This little piglet is settling into life pretty darn well if you ask me!!  Feeding every 2-3 hours (he tries for every hour sometimes but i aint buying it!)  The reflux is under control with a regular dose of Omeprazole - bonus!!

#  Smiles and coos like he was born to do it!!  Oh wait, he was, but it's still ridiculously gorgeous!! (He has his brothers smile with a couple of dimples thrown in)

#  Sleep...Yeah.  What can i say, he's not a fan, preferring instead to gaze upon his adoring family with a cheeky little grin....even when it's 3am.

#  Cloth diapering is going ok, except that the fit of the nappies isn't completely spot on and all his poops exit out the leg holes.  We use disposables overnight and if we're going out somewhere...or if i'm lazy!   Chubby cheddar grew out of all his cute '000' a while a go.  '00' are filling his drawers now, and i'm so stoked we have all Lachys hand-me-downs cause i don't think the '00' are going to last that long either :(

#  The car and car seat aren't very popular places for munchkin to hang out.  He will scream his distaste at not being able to see anything.  Loudly.  Sometimes people stare....i think we need a sign that says 'It's ok, we're not torturing him!'

#  Speaking of torture, how did i end up with a child that has such an intense dislike for water??!! And heaven forbid i try to wash his hair!!

 He's the final part of our complete set, and fits into the family like a glove!!  He's the bee's knees and the ducks nuts really, and i can't wait to watch him continue to grow!! (Even as i complain about it happening too fast!!!)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. I love this post - your 'little piglet' is gorgeous!! A cheerful heart is good medicine!
    What brand cloth nappies do you use? I am wanting to use these with my baby when it's about a month or so, but there are soooo many out there.

    1. Thanks!! We're using Baby co nappies at the mo, and they're pretty good, but we're still finding quite a few (poo)leaks so the disposables come out at night! I've heard that Pea Pods are pretty good but i haven't tried them yet!