Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My week in pics!

So i always wanted to do one of these, but don't have an i-phone and, thanks to Hubby's intense dislike of any technology starting with 'i', i probably never will!  
So instead, here's 'My week in pics' (actually its my fortnight but that's ok too!)

#Lachy being a boy with his 'New' bike  #Our first tomato ever (exciting stuff)!!  #Olly getting blow dried after his bath  #Brotherly love  #Hanging out under the plum tree  #Lachy scoffing our family's favorite meal of curry and roti!

#Swimming with my little monkey in the semi-paddling pool!  #Lachy loves this mirror!  #Olly with a facial that makes him look just like his brother at that age  #Lachy helping with the gardens!  #Then taking a break on his rocking horse  #Treat of the week - in hospital after surgery to have my gallbladder removed!

So it was good and bad, but we're all in one piece (except for the gallbladder) and trucking on!!  More on the surgery in my next post...after i've slept more....and then a bit more...Olly permitting of course!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. your boys are so cute. And Olly seems so comfortable laying on the blanket outside.

    Hopefully you are not in any discomfort from you gallbladder surgery. I had mine removed about five years ago.

  2. Olly looks so much like his brother! Hope you get better soon : )

  3. Love this! Sweet, Sweet pictures. I hope you are recovering well from your gallbladder surgery.