Wednesday, 23 January 2013

'I started a post....'

Honestly, i've started this post sooo many times over the last week, but somewhere between an unhappy bubba/toddler/mama i've never gotten past the title! (which isn't what i started out with!)  To be honest, i cant even remember what the heck i wanted to post about!!
I'm sure it was gunna have something to do with really not enjoying the recovery part of surgery!  Did i mention i'm not s'posed to lift over 5kg for 6 weeks....or that i have 2 children, both over 5 kg....
It might also have had something to do with my baby boy being in agony with reflux....
Or losing my milk supply...
Or maybe it was gunna be about my toddler being completely out of sorts because of his mama's inability to pick him up, or snuggle him properly (cause he's so very rough enthusiastic with his snuggles!)....

It was probably gunna be about one of those things.  It probably would've contained a whole lot of swearing too.

So i decided that i'd post about something else instead!!
 Like the fact that my Olly-pop is settling better with a bit of gaviscon!!
And that my milk supply has returned!!
And my wounds are healing, so snuggling with Monkey isn't as traumatic for all involved!!
And did i mention that i've had the most amazing friends and family stopping in to help out!?
I still don't like recovery though.  It's pretty stressful and doesn't leave room for getting anything done!!
Now, however, that things are starting to get back to normal i shall continue my adventures of life, and resume regaling you with tales full of clever wit...or at the very least i'l put some pics up of my toddler picking his nose being gorgeous...i'm good like that :)

And of course i can't even find one of him picking his nose! Typical!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

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    Glad you have a great support group. Lucky indeed!