Friday, 25 January 2013

Experiment 626!!

I'm not much of a girly-girl, don't wear a lot of make up, and some weeks washing my hair is too much of an effort....And i should probably mention that showering every day can be a bit of a task too now that i have 2 kiddies!! (For the record i manage it most of the time...most).

However, i have a very unusual addiction to facial cleansing products, as in, i constantly buy new products expecting them to live up to the hype they display on the bottles/in the ads.  Do i need to mention how often i'm disappointed (and broke, sorry Hubby!)?  My skin remains dull, the pimples continue, scars remain, and the huge pores and uneven skin tone that i was blessed with continues to bite me on the arse daily.  Basically it's rough as guts!! I realize that facial products alone wont make my skin amazing, but even if only one of them delivered (continuously) on a couple of it's promises i'd be pretty stoked!

Enter Experiment 626!! (Yup, i stole that from Lilo and Stitch. I'm that cool.)
The Oil Cleansing Method

I cant remember the first time i heard of this, but lately it seems like the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) has been jumping up and trying to smack me in the face! Today, i read this post from one of my favorite bloggers, then this one, did a teensy wee bit of researching, and my mind was made!!

Next stop - Supermarket!!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil and Grapeseed oil!

 (After loading this photo i realized how much weird crap i have on my counter top!!  A pillow case, eye drops, 2 syringes, lids with blue paint and red paint on them....And oh look, a family sized bag of lollies!  (I should probably consume those before i begin this give it my best shot!)

Moving right along!  The Evoo (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and the CO (Castor Oil) are the 2 oils that keep cropping up in all my research. Evoo is the moisturizing component and CO is the cleansing.  I mean really, it's oil, they're both gunna moisturise, but you get what i mean!  After a bit more research i decided i'd add GO (Grapeseed Oil) to the mix too, as it's good for those with excessively oily skin (Like me).  It does seem weird, using oil to control oil, but i do believe in the 'Like removes Like' statement, and it just makes a bit of sense really!

So i'm gunna mix up my potion 2 parts CO, 1 part Evoo and 1 part GO.  Im gunna try it, hopefully, for 1 month (i occasionally lack the conviction and motivation required to stay committed to a cause) and hopefully i start to see some of the benefits that people rave about, you know, smooth skin, the Glow, a decrease in pimples/acne and a couple of folk have even noticed a reduction in fine lines!!

So here's me, no make up, untouched by photo-shop, and really stoked (insert sarcasm here) to be having my Hubby take extreme close ups of my face.

As you can see i've spent about 10 years too long sitting in the sun scoffing down lollies (The drinking and smoking of my youth probably didn't help much either.)

Very Important Side Note!!!  I am focusing on my rough spots for the sake of this experiment!!  I DO NOT spend every day looking in the mirror and degrading my skin, and in fact most days i think it looks pretty decent!!  However, i'm happy to admit there's always room for improvement!

So starting tonight i shall be cleansing my skin with my concoction and maybe even leaving some on over night to see what happens (hopefully i don't scare the crap out of my kids whilst dripping with oil!)  I'll be posting tomorrow, just to say what my first thoughts are, then at the end of every week, to report any results, good or bad!!

And in the mean time, i'l likely be researching another little gem that's found in the kitchen....Experiment 629 anyone....?

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

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