Sunday, 27 January 2013

20 Months old!! :)

These posts are gunna have to stop once Lachy turns 2, just so i don't start feeling old or anything!! 20 4 short months he'll be 2....

Let me tell ya about this kid!!

#  His eating has changed so much in the last month, and he's a pretty fussy eater now.  We've resorted to hiding his veges in his meat to get him to eat them, and he's gone right off most fruit too.  (Except for when i was complaining about this to my MIL, then he started munching back the grapes she gave him and made me look like a total fraud!)

#  This kid is so addicted to raisins that they can be clearly identified on exit!! Possibly need to give him a few Less packs each day...

#  Continues to favor the word truck, and is still reluctant to indulge me with a 'thank-you'...even a 'ta' would be nice! He's started saying "Hiiiii" when he waves and sounds absolutely ADORABLE!!

#  Is fast learning that Time out isn't a fun activity!

#  Is still obsessed with jumping, and sometimes he can even make his feet leave the ground!!

#  Whinging and whining accompanied by a 'fake' cry that starts with his bottom lip sticking out, closely followed by 'A-woo-woo-woo-wooo'!! It's so freakin' cute!! (the fake cry i mean, not the whinging and whining...that's not cute by any stretch.)

#  He still LOVES the water, and every time i'm watering the garden he's trying to get in front of the hose! Sprinklers and paddling pools and baths are just Awesome Fun for my water baby!!

 #  The wonderful world of pedals is being toyed with at the moment.  He keeps his feet on the pedals while we push him around, he won't actually make them turn himself....Smart kid, knows how to get around with minimal effort!

#  Lachy's interested in everything, and wants to be involved in everything!  Helping with the dishes, changing Ollys bum, even picking up toys!!  He's such an awesome wee helper!! (Next month we''ll teach him how to make breakfast in bed i think!!

 Did i mention at the doc's he climbed up onto the consult chair, put his hands on his lap and started 'chatting' to the doctor!?  Melted my heart!!!
I have such an amazing kid!! He's just all kinds of Awesomeness!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. ALL these photos are ridiculously adorable!! He's getting so big!! Xxx

  2. He is awesome! I can totally picture him at the doctor's office lol!