Friday, 4 January 2013

1 month old!! :)

 That's right, my second son is 1 month old!! *sobcrysob*  Where did the time go!!???  I only just had him didn't i??
I guess when i started putting the newborn and '0000' sized clothes away i should have realized that time was in fact passing and my child was growing, but denial is a comforting friend, and i much prefer her company to that of her evil twin reality.... Anywho!!

A bit about my scrumptious crumb-cake!!

#  He feeds like a trooper and has from day one, thank goodness!  I'm trying to get into a 3 hourly feed pattern, which works most of the time, but sometimes it's 2 hourly.  Early days yet though, we'll get there!

Hours old!

First Bath!!

#  Size '000' clothes now.  Most of his clothes are hand-me-downs from Lachy, and i'm surprised to find that he's fitting clothes Lachy was wearing at 2 months!

My snoozy lil' chap!
#  Still squishing him into newborn nappies :)  Muffin tops are cute on babies!

Baby feet - Enough said!

#  Aside from gassy smiles i've been blessed with 2 gorgeous wee grins from him, and have been able to spy the teensy dimples in his cheeks (there's also one in his chin!!)

Tummy time!

Chill time!

#  He's getting used to the bath but hates having his hair washed!  LOVES being blow dried after bath time, just like his big brother did!

Lachy loves his feet too!!

The spike 'do'

#  Lotsa hair!  Kids got 3 crowns just like his big bro' and Daddy, so cute with his spiked 'do'!

I think i stopped blow drying too soon!

Matching pj's

#  Tummy time goes well, Olly has a nice strong neck with only a few wobbles and face plants into his mat!

Practicing his happy face!

...and his interested face!

#  His sleep patterns are a bit all over the place, but he seems to have his longest sleeps during the day (about 3 hours), and does about 2 1/2 hour stretches over night.  From about 4pm til 10pm he has his 'witching hour' in which sleep is a constant battle, maybe gas?? Who knows!

The first month has sped by with our little Olly-pop, and he just keeps getting even more lovable!! (even when he refuses to sleep!)  Can't wait to see what the next month has in store for our wee family!!!

*Please note, none of the pics are corresponding with the info.  Every time i try to move them around blogger throws a hissy, and Hubby's busy with Olly (whose been awake since 4pm - it's now 8.30) so this will do!! 

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. Love all his little facial expressions.

  2. omg, those cheeks and all that hair! LOVE the blow dryer hair pic, too funny : ) You've got another handsome man there Renee!

  3. that hair is great!! he's such a cute little man!

  4. aw so cute! and looks just like his brother!!! (i LOVE baby feet!)