Sunday, 30 December 2012

Olly's arrival...Finally :)

I'm afraid to say that this is going to be the most blurred and fuzzy birth story ever!  While i can still recall every part of Lachy's birth 19 months on, just 4 weeks after Olly's arrival and i'm having trouble remembering who was even delivering my baby!  Just kidding!!  Everything is pretty spacey in my head though, so if times don't quite add up i apologize!!

Where to start!!??

I got up on the 1st just after 6am, cause Hubby was starting work at 7 and i had to pee...again.  On the way to the bathroom i felt like i was 'leaking' and thought Stinka, i peed myself a bit!  That thought was quickly followed by a 'or did i??'  Since my waters broke completely with Lachy i was a bit clueless, and Hubby was no help either!  I wasn't having contractions or pains so we figured we'd just carry on and see if anything else happened.

Off Hubby went to work and into the kitchen i went to have a quiet cuppa while monkey was still sleeping.  I got stuck into the dishes around 7, stoked that Lachy had decided to sleep in.  I got him out of bed at 7.30 and started getting him breakfast.  It was sometime around now that i realized that i was having mild, niggly pains every 10 - 15 mins.  After some furious texting back and forth with Hubby, we decided that it was probably nothing, or if anything, only the beginning of pre/early labor.

After sending monkey into the lounge to watch cartoons i picked up with the dishes again (It was a HUGE pile) still texting about my little pains.  I also rang my sister and support buddy 'C' to let them know that things might happen in the next day or two!! (God must've been laughing at my sorry arse so hard at that moment!)  I eventually realized that every time i got a niggle i was stopping what i was doing, and clicked that it was hurting a bit more than i thought.

About 8.30am i sent a text to my friend ('L'), who i was meeting for brunch, to cancel our plans just in case (I didn't particularly want to be out and about if my waters broke!)  and accepted her offer to bring her swiss ball around to borrow.  I also text Hubby and asked him to call in his cover just in case!

This is where time gets really fuzzy for me!  L arrived with her swiss ball and asked if i'd contacted the midwife.  I hadn't because i still believed myself to be in early or even false labor.  Contractions were about 5 mins apart and only lasting about 20 secs, and they weren't feeling any worse (Can you say 'deluded'?!).  By 9.30ish, i know i had arranged for my brother in law to come and pick up Lachy (who was just a champ!!!) and told my sister to keep doing what she was doing and i'd be in touch, and i'd taken 'L's advice (finally!) and text my midwife to let her know things might be happening and that i'd keep her updated.  I also text 'C' to ask her to head around!

At this point i think, i shall thank God (again) that 'L' came around when she did and that she stayed with me, because by the time the midwife called at around 9.45 i couldn't speak through contractions (unless grunts and groans count of course) 'L' told the midwife that i needed to come in (to the birthing center) now, and after hearing a contraction my midwife agreed.  Somewhere in this time, 'L' also text my Hubby and 'C' with instructions to get to the center pronto!!

We jumped (bahahaha, or lumped) into 'L's car and off we went.  Somewhere in my mind i was aware of the urge to push, coupled with an awareness of the lady parked next to us at the lights with a completely horrified look on her face! I directed 'L' to the center where we were met by my Hubby, my close friend 'C' and the centers midwife, who took one look at me, loaded me backwards (there was no way in hell i was sitting down) onto a wheelchair and whisked me to the birth room!

I know i got into the pool as soon as we got to the center  (10am) and that my midwife arrived shortly after that. I remember her telling me that Bubby was just around a bend, i remember thinking that as bad as it felt, it was nothing like the pain i'd had with Lachy, i remember asking if i was actually in labor 'cause my waters still hadn't broken, i remember 'L' bringing me a jug of water and i remember 'C' saying she could see lotsa hair (the babies not mine!!)  I think at that point i realized that i was further along than i thought, and that this baby was on his way out right now!!!
I think someone called my sister and told her to get her arse to the center, because she arrived just after bubs head emerged, i think someone asked about pain relief, and i remember laughing about the (joking) offer of panadol, i think i either felt babies head or was shown in a mirror, and i know he had one (but maybe both) hands up by his head.

It only took 47 mins (established labor) for Olly to make his appearance, no pain relief, no tears or cuts, no hassles.

 Lachy was brought in to meet his little brother just after 11am, and then we walked to our room to relax and get acquainted with our little boy!!

 I feel totally lucky and blessed that i had such an amazing, speedy labor!! (I believe it's taken me longer to type this post out!lol!)

 And that's about that really!!

Hope i didn't bore anyone here!

*Just a couple of wee side notes for those who were wondering, the dishes were never finished, my sister came and did them later in the week, and i'm still wondering when my waters will break!!*

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. oh my goodness. what a crazy morning! So glad there was someone there with you. Congratulations once again. Hope you had a great Christmas and blessings to you in the coming year.

  2. Wow, what a great birth! Sounds a lot like my second birth too. :) Congrats, you have a beautiful family!!