Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Instructions please!!

I was going to do a post about how much i LOVE my life right now, my completed little family, our gardens flourishing (with slugs), my BEAUTIFUL children, our awesome house and back yard, and did i mention my Amazing kids???
 Then something called reality gave me a kick in my sleep deprived head, and now my post shall be titled 'How the heck do i cope with 2 Children'!!  The first chapter shall be named 'What do i do with the baby to stop the toddler torturing him whilst i pee???' (True story folks, totally true) (and for the record, the toddler now gets to stand in the bathroom whilst his mummy pees and daddy's not home....good for potty training i'm sure!!)

I will say now that i NEVER thought it would be easy to have 2 (people with 3 + kids...your NUTS!!) but i'm encountering problems that i just never considered before!  Like, my toddler actually wants to hold the baby, and not just in a choke hold (Yes, he's done that too)  Every time his 'hold time' is over he panics and keeps grabbing at wee Olly!  And what do i do when they're both crying at the same time??  And how do i hang the washing out when i have a baby that doesn't appreciate 'alone time' as much as i do??  And why the heck do they insist on napping at different times dammit!!

Lachy's doing so much better than i anticipated!  He's warming up to Olly pretty quick, and Olly doesn't seem to mind having his eyes poked and his face smooshed as much as i thought he would, which is a real bonus!!
 In fact Olly is really placid, and is pretty happy just watching the world....so long as someones holding him!

 And Lachy's pretty content with having a new baby around...so long as he's still the center of attention!! (Such a toddler!)

Did i mention Hubbys still on leave too!lol!!  Come Monday (his back-to-work day) I will be totally alone...with 2 children....and a messy house....I'm terrified!!  I know, i know, it will all fall into place, and i have the most amazing friends and family that love helping out, but all i can think of is Monday morning, when i'm trying to feed a hungry baby and have a toddler bellowing from his cot to let me know he's awake and has a stinky bum (at a time when i'm most vulnerable cause i haven't had my cuppa!)!!!
My beloved gardens have taken a backseat, Pinterest has probably shutdown in my absence, and my crafties have become a non-event.  Come Monday, personal hygiene will possibly be overlooked in favor of keeping my kids alive and myself sane!!

Random pic to really showcase my beautiful Ollys jaundice! ;)

Anywho!  Life Rocks right now in spite of all these fears, and i love feeling complete, surrounded by my AMAZING boys!!  LOVE MY FAMILY!!!

Tips for survival can be left in the comments section or messaged to 'gonecrazy@2manykids.com' (JK)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. you have a sweet family. i'm sure you'll do just fine.

  2. good luck! i am sure it is a challenge but you just learn with time! your children about adorable! congrats :) p.s. i love the name!

  3. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for becoming my newest follower -- it truly means so much that you like what you see enough to want to get to know us better, and I'm looking forward to doing just that! :)

    Congratulations to you and your family, mama! I'll be checking in to see how the transition to 2 is going ... it's something we'd like to be doing ourselves. I think. ;)

  4. I promise you, it gets easier! Everything's so new and crazy at first, but after a while a routine emerges. Sure, some days I skip a shower and/or let Joshua whine for 5 minutes while I do, and Daniel is quite often entertained by Jake and the Neverland Pirates while I feed Joshua, to stop him making mischief! But I can't physically do it all, and that's okay sometimes! Hope things ease up for you soon! :)