Saturday, 29 December 2012

18/19 months old!! :)

Ok, so i totally missed the 18 month post, but it's ok, cause i can blend the two months....i'm good like that!
I actually don't know where to start this one!  Lachy's turning into such a little poo-bum boy, zipping around everywhere, climbing onto/into everything, yabbering, saying words, eating with utensils (and actually getting most of the meal in his mouth), throwing mild tantrums, destroying my tidy house, chatting on the phone to his grandparents and Aunty, and being a Fantastic big brother and mothers little helper!!

Cuddling with Olly :)

Truck, tractor, fire truck, up, car, brooommmm (you know, the car sound not the sweeper thing), ta (when he wants something bad enough) are his new words and he LOVES using them! A pro at making phone calls now! (Or at least talking then hanging up!) At night when i put him into his cot he likes to sing himself to sleep, or yell random words out!!  It's such a sweet sound!! (there's potential for an opera singer there i'm sure!!)

On the phone to Nanny!

He runs like there's no tomorrow!!  Sometimes on tiptoe, sometimes flat footed and sounding like a herd of elephants!  Races his bike around the house/yard!!  Spinning in circles, dancing, rolling on the floor or just standing in 'Salute to the Sun' position!  Bounces on his trampoline....and the couch and the armchairs and Olly's bouncer if he can get into it!!

My lil' show off!!

RAISINS.  'Nuff said.  Monkeys crazy about them!!!  And biscuits, and burger ring chips!!  Sushi has been sampled and rejected, but pretty much everything else goes in!! (Also LOVES unripe plums...go  figure)

Sushi.....maybe not!


Have i mentioned 'Hot Wheels' yet??  Cause i dare not forget those!!!  Lachy LOVES cars and trucks and actually, anything with wheels!!  He's also addicted to his Little People sets!  Between his birthday and Christmas (and an Aunty that spoils him) he has millions of the damn things awesome toys that he spreads everywhere!! (Including the bath with his fishing boat).  Forget stepping on Lego at night folks, the Little people are infinitely worse!!

Attacking daddy's remote car thing!

Big wheels!!

Bath time has become 'adventure' time for my wee lad, and he has, in the last month or so, started laying down in the water on his front and back, and putting his face in the water to blow bubbles!! He's so clever!!  The paddling pool, hose and sprinklers (Anything that produces water) are also a hit with monkey!!  Such a water baby!

Who knew the kitchen sink could be this much fun!!??

'Sprinklers - Amusing kids since the beginning of sprinkler time!'

*Somewhere in this post things like putting his finger up his nose and food in his ear deserve a mention.  As well as pinching and biting (still just me for the moment).  And the whining and grunting little 'I Want' sound that i think is here to stay for the duration of his toddler years.   (Probably also into his teen years too!!) He's also perfected 'The Frown' now, which will also follow him to his teen years i'm sure!  These things deserve a teensy mention, cause hey, it's all part and parcel, but for the most part my kid's just freakin' Awesome!!*

Yeah, do i need to add that there's usually food involved here too?!

'The Frown'

He does a million other things each day that just blow me away and make me remember that this little person is watching and listening to everything we say and do, and then imitating us (Scariest thought ever!!). And a million times a day i call to Hubby to come see some amazing new thing our oldest child is doing! (sometimes he's home, other times not....and then i call the goldfish, they think he's amazing too.)

No imitation here, just a curious kid, i promise!!

So yeah, that's all i can think of right now as my brain mainly just consists of mush now.  I'm quite pleased Lachy's books are so straight forward, otherwise i wouldn't be able to follow the story line!

Who can resist that face!!?

Anywho.  My kid ROCKS!!!  And that's that!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

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