Monday, 29 October 2012

Pinterest...Nailed it!! The Hubby edition!

I think i may have mentioned before what a legend my Hubby is....well here i am to mention it again!!  Not only has he allowed himself to be dragged into my only slightly addictive Pinteresting world, he has immersed himself in the culture of pinning, and has become a minion to the DIY Pins that i drool over!!

Hence why this post is 'The Hubby Edition'   So without further ado....

The Bedside Tables


 Our Version

Our Bedside Tables :)

 My instructions for this were pretty specific! I wanted a cupboard, but i also wanted a shelf, and i wanted it to match the headboard, and i wanted it to look rough and rustic, but still like an indoor piece of furniture, and it also needed to be Lachy proof, without annoying kiddy locks that this talented mummy can't open!  I think he Nailed It!!!  I LOVE MY TABLES!!

The Toy Boxes


 Our Version

Lachy's Toy box!!

 Love this Toy box! (The 2nd one is on the production line!)  It matches Lachys drawers perfectly and he just thinks it's awesome too....Sometimes he even puts his toys in it!!

The Edible Teepee


Our Version

 So you kinda have to use your imagination for this one at the mo, but i promise to post updates as the plants grow!  A friend of mine suggested this to me first, then i looked around Pinterest to see what else was around!  Because we already had beans planted we decided to give passion-fruit a go, and have planted 2 different types, one gold and one regular purple!  Because the Teepee is actually in garden space without grass, Hubby transplanted some moss to act as carpet for something a bit softer than dirt to sit on! (Lachy already makes a bee-line to it with his snacks!)

The Raised Garden

From NZ Gardener magazine

Our Version

Yup, he nailed it! And i got a compost bin to go with it!! Yuss!! (I had only just planted the veges, hence the sad looking crop, they are perking up though, i promise!!)  Grow my pretties, grow!!!

So that concludes my Hubby edition of Pinterest...Nailed it!!  I have a few goodies in the works so hopefully in the next couple of weeks i'l have more stuff to brag/laugh hysterically/cry about on here!!  And now im off to do a little Pinning before bed!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

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  1. My husband has embraced Pinterest too!

    Love the nightstands!! Good job on all the projects!