Saturday, 6 October 2012

I have learnt...

I decided the other day, that i would share some of the things i'v learned about raising a grubby, rambunctious little boy!! (And being a mum in general)

#  A Toddlers Rules of Possession is 100% accurate!!

Boys attract dirt.  It just happens, and fighting it is pointless.

#  They Love pink tutu's as much as the next little girl.

Snails are totally edible.

So are rocks/ sand/ paper/ week old biscuit pieces, pretty much anything really.

The winky fascination is an early one.  Expect it to be poked, prodded and pulled (usually at the most inappropriate times)

  Food IS a plaything.  (it's all about texture...or something like that) at the end of the day so long as something goes in and stays there it's all good!

#  You will end up singing _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (*insert Disney jingle of your choice) as you go about your daily activities.

#  You'll rock your supermarket trolley or your armful of groceries regardless of whether your kid is actually with you or not.

# Sleep is not a necessity

#  If sleep is going to occur, it's usually 5 Min's before you head out the door to somewhere important.

#Sleep-ins don't occur anymore...Ever.  Any attempts to put your child to bed later, in the hopes of extending the morning sleep-in, will only result in a tired/grumpy child and a tired/irrational parent at 6am.

#  For everything you think your doing right, at least 3 people will tell you your not.  Thick skin is essential in this job!!

#  There's more fun to be had with a peg and a toilet roll, than the expensive musical toy just purchased.

#  Those expensive musical toys will eventually drive even the most level-headed parent insane.

#  "No" translates to "Quick, before mum catches me!"

# Banana ruins clothes faster than felt pens ever could!

#  Farts...You'll often wonder how your beautiful bundle of joy could ever produce such a smell (beware the 'ghost poop') and start to wonder what he's been eating (see above).

#  And poop....the things i'v learned about poop....It will come in every size/shape/texture/color that ever existed, sometimes in abundance, sometimes scarce.  Sometimes a neat wee parcel is arranged in the nappy, other times there's a shit-storm that's hit every available space of child and clothing. Sometimes 1 wipe, other times a high pressure hose and some get the message :)

And lastly.....

#  You get to experience a Love that is absolutely unlike anything you could ever have imagined!!!

Anything anyone wants to add to this, i'd be glad for the extra knowledge!?!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. Lol, I can relate to most of these, even having a girl. Especially those toddler rules of possession!!

  2. You're funny Renee, the way you word things made me smile and I can totally relate.
    I believe that consistency is key when raising our kids. If you let things slide once they will expect that in the future or they will throw it at your face when you say no the next time. I have 3 kids (15 yr old, 12 yr old, and 22 months) and although it has been challenging at times remaining consistent in the way we discipline has beeen rewarding. I hear nothing but compliments when we have our parent teacher conferences or when I talk to people that I don't know but who know our kids. It proves that I am doing something right and it feels so good to be rewarded by kind words.
    Being a responsible parent is a tough job, THE best job, and very rewarding.
    Take care.

  3. I love, love love this and can relate on so many levels!!

  4. Hahahaha! This is so true! I can relate on pretty much all points, especially the high pressure hose and detergent - what the heck are we feeding them!?!?