Tuesday, 23 October 2012

17 months!! :)

My boys getting so biiiiiggg!! (sob-sob)
I (again) cant believe how fast time is going!!  I just finished cleaning up from his 1st birthday party and now i'm thinking about what to do for his 2nd birthday!! (Yes, i DO need 7 months to plan his party).


#  Feeding time can now officially be called "Feeding time at the zoo".  My beautiful, angel child stuffs his face (with his hands) so fast he'd challenge even the staunchest competitor at a pie eating contest.  I have even had to growl him to stop him sniffing food up his nose, and tonight, he put a handful of casserole in his ear. Yep, all class round these parts.

'Macca's soft serve? Why yes thanks i will!'

'That wasn't the watermelon i was eating!!??....'

'Num num num...'

#  Play time is equally full on.  I no longer try to follow my child around to keep him from harm.  Now i just sit at the table in the middle of the yard and hope like hell the thing he's putting in his mouth isn't still wriggling when it comes out the other end.  Actually, i lie, i still don't let him on the slide/swing set alone, but it's really high...and he needs me!


Oh you know, just hanging out...patting a LION CUB!!!

....And driving... (Please note, we were in a driveway doing this, not on the road)

#  Sleeping was going really well, until yesterday :(  Usually monkey still has 2 x hour long sleeps a day, then does about 11 hours overnight (Stoked, i know!!)  Last night, he wouldn't go down without a fight, woke constantly and then refused to sleep today!  I'm thinking teeth, cause he's got the rosy-cheeked-drool-face happening at the mo, and cause i'm sure he's due for a couple more soon! (Still only got 6) Hopefully tonight goes well for all involved!!

'I woke up for this???'

'If you can catch me, you can put me to bed!'

#  Monkeys vocab has pretty much regressed, and now all we really get is 'Dad', 'Mum' and a constant stream of babble mixed with his "I Want" sound...which is kinda like a gorilla grunt/whine.  Pleasant much.  While we try not to give in to this, i kinda want him to keep communicating what it is he actually wants, and so most of the day all you here is his grunt, followed with us naming the things he wants...."grunt grunt" "you want a drink?!"  or "grunt grunt whine" "Are you stuck?!"  Our days are so eventful!

Feeding duckies!

'Please, no pictures...'

'I is a seedling....'

#  What else can i say?!  I basically have the cutest kid on the face of the earth....I probably let him get away with more than i should, but his bottom lip pout is just so Awesome, i can't resist it!! 

Channeling a bit of Mick Jagger

Until next month...  (Except for other posts i mean...)
Love you my Monkey-Bum!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. lmaf at that bed head picture!! what a ham :)

  2. Happy 17 months to your sweet boy! Such cute pictures. I bet it is teeth keeping your baby boy awake. Maybe the molars? Those hurt my sweet Mason pretty bad.

  3. Oh goodness. He really is adorable. So much to be excited about and look forward to!! =]

  4. Awww, he's more adorable than ever! Happy 17 months. That is pretty awesome that he got to pet a lion cub!