Monday, 3 September 2012


It's Spring!!!!
 And while that usually means rain, rain and more rain here, the first few days have been Beautiful!!  (As i type this post the rain is torrential and the temp is chilled)

So me and Monkey got out and about in our new back yard (More on that in another post!) and enjoyed the sun on our faces and the grass under our feet!  This is a major photo dump i know, but it's not my fault my kids so damn cute! (Biased much!) 

 This is how we started!  Just working pottering in the garden, then we decided it was warm enough to shed the sweatshirts and hunt down an ice block!  A bit of plane spotting was taken up too! Monkey LOVES planes!!

Lachy decided his ice block tasted better if he dunked it in the pot plant first (kinda like the Oreo ad...'first you dunk it...'), I didn't try it myself but he seemed to enjoy it...Then it fell off the stick and he just didn't know what to do!

Then of course we had to remove the ice block/dirt stained shirt and shoes.....then Monkey-bum did a runner when i tried to change his nappy!  At this point i just thought oh well, and so monkey had a nuddy run! (Yes he takes his wee shovel with him everywhere)

Raiding my plants that i was s'posed to transplant (another day for sure!)!  He managed to get some dirt, some lettuce, a snail shell and a bug that he lunged over the lettuce to steal off the broccoli! (Side note: He's not going toilet in that first pic, it just looks that way!)

I was a bit worried when monkey discovered the hose that he would feel the cold water and run a mile, but instead he splashed, looked a bit shocked, and then just started to laugh like it was the best thing ever!  I wished for a split second that i had a paddling pool then remembered his old baby bath....Success!!!

Such a wee water baby!! (on his own terms of course!)  I think he would've stayed in there playing for hours (or at least 1 hour) but the breeze started to pick up quite a bit and he started to get some major duck-bumps! Plus he was eating the hose and trying to drink out of it so i figured it was snack time anyway!

Isn't it so quick and easy drying your kids off in the sun!!?!! And i got to dress him in shorts and t shirt for the first time in a while!  Yay for warmer weather!!  So monkey stole my phone (as you can see he had some serious business calls to make) then started to eat his trampoline, so we did the move in-doors for food and a late afternoon nap!!

Such an awesome, relaxing day!!  Makes me long for the summer until i remember i'll also have a new baby at that point! (Scary thought much!!)
Anyway, i'm off to try and figure out how to schedule posts to publish at set times! (So many posts going unpublished cause i write them and then forget to publish them until months later when they're irrelevant!)  If anyone has any tips on how to do this please let me know!!

Hope everyone's enjoying the change of seasons!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'

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  1. So cute.
    So it's spring there. I am looking forward to Fall here (in Tucson). I loathe the heat so I can't wait for cooler/chilly temperatures.
    We're having a hard time deciding on where to live next and more than likely it'll be our last move. We have two places where we can choose. Colorado or Seattle. I love the cold and rain. All my family is in San Diego. There are so many things to consider that it's mind boggling.