Saturday, 11 August 2012

Life, oh life!

A few days ago i changed my fb status to this "Please note, i will no longer be making polite comments or agreeing with people just to save an argument. That's all. Thank you."  And you know what, so far iv only lost/pissed off a couple of people!!  (I actually think i posted this a week or more ago, but you know how time flies when your being a bitch honest).  I must confess, even if no one else likes it, i'm feeling much more like a real person, and strangely enough, my relationship with my Hubby is improving immensely!!  (Note to self, NOT trying to please others seems to work best with those closest to you)

So, from now on, please note that my blog posts (as my life) will be reflecting who i am, rather than who i think will keep everyone happy.  I have no intention of becoming bitchy or offensive, but nor will i be pretending just to fit into a 'Niche' and keep everyone happy (Like that's ever been achievable). Since the people that read my blog are all Awesome i know they'll understand!! (I do hope future posts aren't as random and picture-less as this one)

I'm still feeling totally unmotivated (except for when i see Awesomeness on Pinterest that makes me feel energetic for 5 seconds!) and we're moving house in about 3 days!  Because both Hubby and I are procrastinators from way back this upheaval will likely be just as chaotic as the last few! (Man i hate moving!!)  I am however looking forward to my Big Garden!!!! (Ok so it's not that big, but it's an actual garden for me to transfer my failed carrot crop into!)  And no more stairs for me to haul my heifer self up either!!!  And no more dampness!!...Ok, that last one's not completely accurate, but we live in the Waikato, a certain level of dampness is just expected!

I s'pose i should go and pack.....maybe Pinterest has some ideas on how to pack in an organized way....I should probably check in case they do!!

(Ps: My next posts will include lotsa pics of bump and Monkey so brace yourself for their awesomeness!!)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. Honest is the way to go. Hope your move goes smoothly. And I'll be looking forward to all your pictures on your next post.
    take care.

  2. such a cute blog.
    New follower!

    Look forward to continue reading


  3. New-ish follower! Good luck for the move! And yes I agree, saying what you think really does make you feel free. Looking forward to reading more! x