Saturday, 18 August 2012

15 Months Old!!

This is going to be an actual post just cause my wee 'baby' monkey-bum is changing so much!!!  My poor brain is having issues comprehending the speed with which he is growing (actually, my poor brain is having issues comprehending anything right now, but that's just a whole other post!) and it's getting harder to keep up with all the important milestones and ....well....stuff that he's doing!!

So this is where we're up to!!

Looking for planes!!  Love pointing to stuff!

#  Running is 'old skool' fun now, Dancing and Jumping have become the new fav's (especially if the Wiggles are on)!!
#  Everything still goes straight in the mouth, but now he knows when he shouldn't have it, and runs away from me shrieking like a banshee!!
#  Tantrums.  Nuff said.  (Except that this will be another post also)....(a long one)

Exploring my new trampoline!

Jumping on my new trampoline!!

#  Still has 2 bottles a day, but no more formula!  I'm a bit of a sucker for still giving him 2 bottles a day, but i don't particularly care.  He enjoys it and i love sharing 'bottle time' with him!
#  Eats Everything!!.  Except Tomatoes, he wont eat those.  He loves lemons...go figure.
#  Loves drinking from drink bottles, preferably other peoples, and has a ridiculous fetish with eating my jandals!

nom, nom lemons!

nom, nom broom handle

#  Sleeping through the night has become the norm' but nightmares still occur from time to time!
#  The big boy bed is getting busted out in the next week or so.  Fortunately for me, monkey hasn't realized that he has the skill and height required to climb over his cot rail, but now i'm super paranoid and lay awake at night fearing the Thump from him falling out of bed :(

This is how i roll!

"I'm not up to anything mommy!"

#  The noise level has risen considerably around here.  Lachy loves nothing better than to steal my cell phone and talk on it to his 'friends'!!  So Cute!!
#  He says words!!  Like 'Car' and 'Uh oh' and 'Baaaa', occasionally we'll get a 'Hello' (when he picks up my phone) and a 'tankuuu' when we give him a biscuit!
#  He whines.  Lots.  (There will be a paragraph on this in my Tantrum post, for sure!!)

Rockin' on Nanny's Ukulele

And my new rock-star guitar!!

#  Physically, my lil guy looks like a lil guy now, not just my lil bubba!  Any baby fat he did have (and it was never that much) has all but disappeared ('cept for his chunky cheeks!) and he's looking like a little boy!
#  His latest haircut left his face looking more grown up and his bigger clothes are just so....boyish, instead of babyish!
#  He is still getting snugglier though!!  Still loves to cuddle in and watch his shows with us and snuggle into our bed on cold mornings, which is just bliss!! (Also has a 'thumb' fetish, in which he has to be holding on to at least one of our thumbs whilst snuggling)

Hanging out with Daddy before bed

Just can't imagine life without this wee man! (tantrums or no tantrums!)  He's such an easy going kid most of the time and his cheeky smile lets him get away with anything!!  He understands all our basic requests and routines and points to the things he wants (whines when he doesn't get them)!  He's just so damn smart!! (Do i sound like every mum that ever was or what!lol)

I Love Toothpaste!!  Nom nom!

Love you little monkey!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a life without Regret'


  1. Cute as always! Can't wait to see how cute little one #2 is. :)

  2. Great photos. Love your blog. Following you will you follow back. my new blog Topiary Rose.
    I'm Pat

  3. He is sooo cute and getting to be such a big boy!

    Gotta love tantrums, whining, and nightmares, huh? I'd love to tell you it gets better but don't wanna give you false hope lol.

    I passed on an award to you, go here if you want to accept it. :)