Thursday, 12 July 2012

Menu board = No more kitchen fail!!

That's right folks!  I got a bit organised!!  I wasn't going to post about this because iv been feeling like such a muppet for not producing amazing meals for my family each night....or any kind of meal really...except the kind you order through the window of you car....Cheeseburgers are a food group right??!!
Then i saw this post here over at Mama and the Dudes, and i realised that i'm not alone!!

Whilst satisfying my uncontrolled addiction to Pinterest a couple of weeks back, i stumbled across some "Menu Boards".  It's like a flippen light went on!  I know, the concept of planning your meals is not a new one (Iv tried it before) but somehow Pinterest made it...i dont know, Pretty, and Crafty and Interesting!!  And so i created my Menu Board! 

Cork board + fabric + coloured card + laminator = Awesome!!

Yes, its basic, and the recipes on it aren't flash, but they're home cooked, they don't take long, and most of the meals have vege's!!  (It's a 2 week menu 'cause we do fortnightly shopping, starting on a Thursday).  On the back of the menu cards are all the ingredients needed for each meal, so when we pick the meals to stick to the board we can see what ingredients we need to get in groceries!  It's fantastic i tell ya!!!  And more important....It Works!!!! We saved on groceries by cutting out the mid-week dash to the grocery store (cause you know..'There's nothing to eat...') and we saved money by not buying take out!  And i feel flash and dedicated cause i cooked damn near every night!!

The Ingredients for shopping!

Don't get me wrong, cooking the meal still takes a bit of effort, but at the moment we're just picking meals that are fast and basic, leaving things like roasts to when i have a day off work.  We use the crock pot too (love that thing!!)  And for some meals we make enough to last a couple of nights (I made a 'Leftover' menu card) which means a simple reheat! (Yay!!)

Kinda like the 'wildcard' of the menu board....except, you know what your getting!

So yup! I'm hoping that once im in more of a routine i can start adding some slightly more interesting meals to the menu board, but that'l happen in good time, and im content at the moment with just cooking something other than Macca's for my family!!

Thanks Pinterest!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. what a great idea!!! i really need to do this!

  2. This looks great Renee! I love how you customized it to your week instead of a Sunday to Saturday schedule!

  3. This is a SERIOUSLY good idea and I may just have to steal it from you. Thanks for sharing!