Sunday, 29 July 2012

A real post!

I think this might actually be the first real post i've done in a while that's actually required some thought!  I Love updating on my babies but i think it's high time i updated on Life right now!

I'm in a complete rut!!  Not a horrible life-sucks rut, just the no-motivation-At-All kind!  We're looking for a house (Again) and not having a lot of luck, and i don't want to decorate (as much as i could in a rental, anyway) because we'll be moving as soon as we find another place!  It means we're in a state of half packed mess, and i hate it!!  I hate that all my nick-knacks don't have a home, and we've only got the bare minimum of decoration on the walls!  It's especially hard with Pinterest being so full of Awesome ideas for the home!!  

Our plan is to find  a cheaper house to rent for the next few years, until we can afford a deposit for our own, but finding one that meets our requirements is proving a mission!  By requirements i mean things like heating (that isn't unflued gas), and a fence to contain my energetic toddler, and one floor to save my sorry pregnant butt from having to haul itself up stairs (to say nothing of the fun involving a toddler, a new baby and my sorry arse trying to maneuver said stairs!) And cupboard space!!  I'm soooooo over houses that have no cupboards!!  Where on earth are we s'posed to keep all our junk possessions that we've hoarded accumulated over the years!?

So that's the rut i find myself in! I have so many plans for this new house when we find it!!  We're gunna need a whole lotta 3m hooks!! 

Am So in Love with this house!!

The other thing keeping me in my rut, is being pregnant!! Me and pregnancy still aren't BFF's and even though i feel horrible saying this, knowing how many are struggling with infertility, i cant wait for this baby to get here just so that my stomach contents can return to my know...Where they belong!!!  Of course i cant wait to snuggle with my new little man either, and see Lachy meet him for the first time, and watch everyone bond in our completed lil family!!! (Yes, Completed!!)  And although i know my life will be infinitely different with a second lil guy, i cant wait to return to the normalcy of not being pregnant!! (I also have an entire board a few pins that i want try, to design my boys room/rooms!!)

So those are my wee frustrations (not including the fact that i waddle) that i wanted to vent!!  Please note, Life is actually really good right now, i just Hate being stuck in a kind of no-where land!!  At the end of the day we still have a roof over our heads so even that's not too bad!  And i have an amazing Hubby and lil boy that make the sun shine, and another lil boy just waiting to make an entrance in December!!  I also have good friends that keep me laughing and appreciating all that i have!!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. whoa, lovelovelove that bunk bed!!! Good luck finding a new house : )

  2. I can totally relate. I also had a hard time with my pregnancies. My first two were difficult. Morning sickness the entire day and both lasted the entire 9 months. That sucked because I really didn't get to enjoy being pregnant. In my 3rd pregnancy I only had morning sickness the first trimester after that it was great until I got too big to where it wasn't fun anymore.
    At least you know that come December your body will slowly go back to normal plus you'll have another precious little boy to love.
    Good luck on house hunting. Been there too.