Friday, 25 May 2012

Monkeys 1st Birthday!!

Soooo, my excuses for not posting sooner are about nil... Im just a sucky blogger at the mo! I can't believe i still have followers!! (Hi mum!!)  Thanks guys!!!

What's been been happening??  First and foremost, Monkey-bums 1st Birthday!!!  Yup!!  my wee lad is 1 year old!!!  And what a fabulous day we had!!

We had family and friends (little and big), food, toys, pressies and fun!!!  Did i mention that i had the most Amazing cake ever!?  Thanks to my legend sister and co!!  The day went so well, with Lachy only having one wee melt down!  I cant believe he managed so well, so proud of my little man!!

 Some of the decorations!!  Hubby did a fantastic job with the streamers!! (He was the only one that could reach to stick them to the ceiling!)

Monkey opening his very first birthday present and me 'looking natural' for the camera!!  (attractive i know!)

Before the lounge filled (note me in the background of the first pic trying to figure out how to play music on the dvd player...i didn't figure it out.)
Then after the lounge filled!  People people everywhere!!

Monkey modelling his new snuggly bear suit!!(thanks Sarah!)  He looks so damn cute in it, and it even has a wee lil tail!!  (as seen in the last pic, while he's trying hard to climb into his pressy bag!)

The Amazing Cake!!!! Mickey Mouse Club House!  Honestly, this cake is beyond what i dreamed, im so stoked!!  And while i didn't taste any (still have a very strong aversion to fondant and cake) i heard all about how delicious it was!!

Snuggling with daddy and his new snuggly pillow!!

Lachy was just such a trooper!!  He didnt even have much of an afternoon sleep, just kept soldiering on!  

In another post i'l likely lament about how my wee baby boy has grown up and how fast the times gone by, but for now, im just so happy with how much he seemed to enjoy the day!  :)

So thanks so much for all the help, and for all the guests, and for my spoilt monkey's Awesome pressies!!!  It was just an amazing day to celebrate my boys 1st year of life!!!
 Love my wee monkey!!

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. what a great day. the cake was indeed super cool. btw, i like your kitchen.

  2. Wow! Happy birthday Lachy! What an amazing cake, whoever made that definitely has some talent : )

  3. oh my gosh I feel like you were just posting he was 7 months old yesterday! time sure does fly! he is adorable and looks like there was a lot of fun!

  4. This looks like a wonderful party! I love the cake!

  5. love all the decorations! :)