Friday, 6 April 2012

Finagle a Foto Challenge

I love these challenges!!  I hope i can get off  my bum and do them more often!!  Here are my 2 entries for this week!!

Sky's the limit!

This is on the drive to drop my monkey off first thing in the morning!!  It's kinda nice driving into daylight!!

Rule of Thirds!!

So im still getting used to this one and imagining my wee grid....Im getting there!!  Monkey-bums cuteness makes up for my lack of skills anyway!! :)

Hopefully i get in a bit earlier with next weeks challenge and not leave it til the day before it closes!!

Happy Jax


'Live for a Life Without Regret'


  1. Oh Renee, I am SUPER glad you joined us! Your sky shot is just beautiful, but my fav has to be your cutie pie & the water melon capture!! Perfect rule of thirds placement!

    HOPE ya come link up w/ us this Sunday! Have a wonderful Easter mama.

  2. I love that first photo, the sky looks amazing!... your little guy is absolutely cute too! I love using the rule of thirds! It's a nice change once in a while :)

  3. What a stunning view for your morning ride!!! Gorgeous picture!

    (Ps... Hope you dont mind, but I tagged you!

  4. Aw that watermelon ball is too cute!
    The rule of thirds was pounded into my head in college and then once I got out I discovered that I don't always like it. It doesn't always make for the best photo, sometimes you just have to go with your gut. =]