Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Cake...

I truly don't like cake.  Sure il eat it occasionally, but if i had a choice fudge would win every time!!  This weekend i decided to attempt a practise run of the cake i want to make for Lachy's birthday in a couple of months!  It was in fact a friends idea (thanks Carena) and im so grateful to her for this suggestion, cause things did not go to plan!!

I got to try out a fancy mixer type thing for the first time, and apart from a few mishaps, i loved using it!!  I chose a chocolate cake recipe that i'd seen my friend use and this turned out well, then i watched a few YouTube videos to try and figure out how to make the 'Wonky Cake' that i so desired!!  My next mistake was to see a sponge cake as the perfect cake for a top layer, i mean, it's nice and light and wont likely sink so who wouldn't pick it!?

What didn't occur to me (and probably should'v) was how crumbly a sponge can be when cut, and my top layer needed a lot of cutting!!  Not to mention bits added on!!

Hubby was on hand for clean up duty...

So i layered and shaped and iced the bottom layer, and it turned out reasonably well!  Not the color i was trying to achieve but i didn't want to use more in case i coated everything with it.

The bottom layer was a disaster!!  The sponge was falling apart as i tried to shape it (Who knew sponge would crumble?!....Oh, Everyone??), then it stuck to the icing as i tried to ice it, and then the icing pulled the top layers off the sponge tier and nearly made me cry!!
The results...A square cake with a slightly munted mushroom on top.  (Please note, i was not trying to make any form of mushroom on this cake)

The moral of this story is, practise is a good thing....a really good thing!!  Attempting this was heaps of fun, but i think some more research is in the cards before my next attempt! Now if you'll excuse me i'm going to go and drown my failure with the Russian fudge i just whipped up!! :)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. Well that definitely looks like a complicated cake! All I can manage is a good ol' edmonds chocolate cake! haha

    Just so you know, your email addy isn't linked up to your comments, so people can't email you back! (incase you didn't know and wanted to!) Let me know if you want to know how to do that (if you dont!) :)


  2. Hey hun... looking good! If you need a hand I can help you with another practice run? The "wonky" cake (or Mad hatter cake) is super heavy and the one I did was about 6 cakes I think! I can show you how to do the fondant too so you can tick it off your list!

  3. If it makes you feel any better I just use the box cake mix and bust out some egg beaters. Baking is not my thang.

  4. Good news: As long as it tastes good- it doesn't matter!!! PS. I totally didn't know that it would crumble. Du-ally noted!

  5. I agree with Danielle-Marie... I use a box cake for everything!! I love the color of icing on the bottom layer of your cake. Better luck next time!

  6. Now, cake I can make! Fudge, I cannot. Wish we lived next door so we could help each other out! :)

  7. I think it still looks good! My first try would not even be that cool. I've heard that you can wrap the cake in plastic wrap and freeze it before cutting... it's supposed to help it not be as crumbly.

    New follower :)

  8. hehee...such fun, yup been there too - thank goodness kids dont really care and will eat anything ;-)
    have just tagged you in a fun wee questionaire if you like that kinda thang xx

  9. Sometimes the worst mistakes taste the best, and whenever i screw something up like that (which is often!) i just have to eat it all myself and not share!