Sunday, 1 April 2012

40 before 40!!

After catching up on one of my fav' blogs i found this and thought what an awesome idea!!  I can pretend all i like, but my chance at 30 before 30 has passed!!  It's now time for *dumdumduuuum*

40 Before 40!!!

1#  Own our first home

2#  Make a meal using only ingredients i have made/grown myself

3#  Teach Lachy to read

4#  Tour the South Island

5#  Have a honeymoon

6#  Prepare a 3 course meal

7#  Decorate a cake using Fondant

8#  Go on a BIG shopping spree (i mean HUGE!!)

9#  Make a 'Babies first year' photobook

10#  Have a complete 'Do' (cut/color/etc) at a fancy know, the kind that offers you a cappuccino whilst you wait!!

11#  Pay school tuition for a child whose family doesnt have the means too

12#  Run a Marathon

13#  Plant fruit trees

14#  Read 40 Books (suggestions welcome) (0/40)

15#  Complete Insanity's 1 month workout

16#  Be a SAHM til i have kid/s in school

17#  Host a family Christmas

18#  Build a tree house

19#  Volunteer for something

20#  Mystery number :)

21#  Bake a 'Wonkey' cake

22#  Make 20 Pinterest crafts (0/20)

23#  Have a clean/permanently organised pantry and plastics cupboard

24#  Recollect my book case of 50+ books (0/50)

25#  Make some costumes/dress ups (Not part of pinterest challenge)

26#  Learn to play a song on a guitar

27#  Host a blog giveaway

28#  Climb Pirongia and Rangitoto

29#  Go to see a ballet (preferably Swan Lake or the Nutcracker)

30#  Attend an opera

31#  Take a beginners photography class

32#  Pay off all Small bills (Not Mortgage etc)

33#  Take a cooking class

34#  Try Aqua aerobics

35#  Have our first family camping trip

36#  Edit a full photo album myself

37#  Spend Christmas in a country that has a 'White Christmas'

38#  Tour a Foreign Country

39#  Have a Fancy dress party for my 40th!!

40#  Mystery Number :)

So there ya have it!!  The challenge is set, wish me Luck, and hopefully those two Mystery Numbers will reveal themselves along the way!! :)

Toodles!!  :)

'Live for a Life without Regret'


  1. ohhhh i wanna take the photography class with u!!! this is fantastic! i wanna do some of these with u k? haha

  2. LOVE your header and visiting from the hop! LOVE this idea and am currently doing it before I turn 30!!


    New follower also!

  3. WOW! Girl... I am tired just reading this! Lol) No, it's a fabulous list! You go mama!!

  4. Nice list you've got I want to make a 30 before I'm 30 list. I really liked your idea to make a meal only using ingredients that you've grown. I might add that one to my list.

  5. this is a really awesome list. i did a 30/30 (i didn't finish), but you can do it!

  6. I love your list! Sounds great! :)